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Murdered Cap Estate woman and her husband seemed like a “happy couple”: friend

By SNO Staff

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Photos of the late Anna Mitchell.

(SNO) – Not many people in Saint Lucia knew who Anna Mitchell was, but the few who knew her, spoke well of her.

One such person is real estate executive, Rosalie Johnny, a longtime friend, who described Anna – the island’s latest homicide victim – as a “humanitarian person”.

Johnny heard about the homicide that occurred in Cap Estate, Gros Islet Tuesday afternoon but had no idea it was her dear friend until early Wednesday afternoon.

“So sad, it’s my friend Anna Mitchell who was murdered at Cap,” Johnny told St. Lucia News Online in an email interview, as soon as she found out the identity of the victim. “My God I just got cold feet only to find out it’s you Anna that’s dead.”

The ladies knew each other for years. In fact, they traveled overseas together on several occasion.

Rosalie (left) and Anna

Johnny disclosed that Anna and her husband, James Mitchell, a native of Dominica, came to St. Lucia to settle in the 1970s. She said she met Anna sometime in 2000. Ann was in her 60s and James is in his 70s, according to reports.

“I knew her way back when she came here to stay. Very nice lady and always busy getting things done,” Johnny said.

“She was a very humanitarian person. She would assist you financially if you needed help. She also loved animals. The last story with her: someone dropped four puppies in a box near her gate and she heard them crying. She rescued them and they became part of her home. She also loved horses, she had a few of them as well.

Johnny also spoke well about Anna’s husband, James.

“I knew him personally. He was a very nice person when I met him. Great personality, very receptive to me. I cannot complain about him either, and I also knew her granddaughter, Amanda, whom I shared some wonderful times with at her house in Cap (Estate).”

Anna fell in love with St. Lucia and always loved being here.

“I know Anna told me when they wanted to settle in the Caribbean, they were looking at Dominica, but when they came to St. Lucia they both fell in love with the island and wanted to be here. She said they made the right choice coming to live in St. Lucia. Dominica was not very developed and they preferred St. Lucia over Dominica, but James would travel very often to his island home, Dominica, especially at the Creole Festival.

Asked if she knew about any issues between the couple, Johnny replied: “I don’t know of any issues they were having whilst visiting them. They seem to be a happy couple together. If there was any problems perhaps it was not displayed in my presence.”

Johnny was also asked if Anna, at anytime, confided to her about any marital issues.

“No, not to my knowledge,” she responded.

There are rumours that James suffers from dementia, however, Johnny is unable to confirm this.

“I am not in a position to say anything about his medical condition but I am hearing the same rumour,” she said.

Anna was the mother of two children who both reside in the United Kingdom, and has grandchildren and great grands, according to Johnny.


She described her late British friend as “a healthy lady” who “loves to eat healthy and drink a lot of tea”.

“I also want to express that Anna was like my other mom, that’s how close we were,” Johnny said. “In fact when we travelled together, she would tell people, ‘I am her mother’. We went to Miami on several trips together and stayed at the Mariott Resort, downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Near Aventura Mall. I do have to let the staff at Mariott know of her death, especially the manager Lennox Mc Intosh who was our very close friend. I know he will be shocked at her death. A very close friend of Anna was Billy, the owner of Memories of Hong Kong.”

Asked when was the last time she saw her friend, Johnny said: “The last time I saw her in person was a few months ago, but we spoke over the phone and I just got back on island a few weeks ago from the USA, have been trying to call her home number, her cell numbers, but never got hold of her until this sad news of her death.

Before moving to the Caribbean, Johnny said Anna worked in the family business and then real estate.

“She used to run a chain of coffee shops that her dad own back in England and then her last job was in real Estate.”

And what about James?

“Back in the days her husband James Mitchell, Anna told me, was the Marvin Gaye of England. He was famously known as an entertainer/promoter where he was very successful. I don’t know if he actually sung, but he was a promoter of music, bringing artiste over to England.”

In a press release Wednesday, police said they are “investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Cecilia Mitchell of Flambouyant Crescent, Cap Estate, Gros Islet”.

The release further stated: “Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station were summoned to a residence at Cap Estate, about 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. On arrival the body of Anna Mitchell was discovered along her driveway and appeared to be lifeless. Medical assistance was sought and she was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner. A post mortem examination is scheduled for a subsequent date. This is the sixteenth recorded homicide for the year 2018.”

According to sources, Anna sustained serious head trauma, with one source noting that her head was “bashed in”. She also sustained a stab wound, according to reports.

Her husband is currently in police custody.

It is alleged that Anna was killed during a domestic dispute.

Meanwhile, Johnny is still in shock at the gruesome news.

“I am very shocked at this tragedy and on hearing her death, I am still lost for words that my dear friend Anna Mitchell is gone in that manner. Oh my God, this is a horrendous way to die and I still cannot believe she is gone.”

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  1. My beloved Anna you will be truly missed..One of the most beautiful souls you could ever wish to meet, Saw Anna and James a few weeks ago and could never ever have imagined something like this could have ever happened...It is a tragedy for both Anna and James...He has a cruel and very sad mental illness that just simply takes over the mind..They loved each other very much. I feel privileged to say she was my friend...If the family need any assistance please feel free to reach out...RIP My Anna xxx

  2. Concerned Friends of our beloved Anna

    This is a tragedy that the public will never know the events leading up to that fateful day.

    Mr Ms. health depreciated over time. His wife struggled to cope and did not have the financial or emotional support of the visit, no help? No plane ticket back to the UK?

    As pensioners they needed a Carer and a pro active family. Whilst their friends adopted them; the family that they loved was not there.

    These events do not happen overnight. No excuses murder is a hideous crime. What did the victims family do to assist? Overseas but not ignorant. Others were aware, of the complex dynamics that existed in the couples life. They tried to help as best as they could. Alas it was not enough.

    • Not all friends were aware of this. Anna kept her life very private to a lot of people and sadly felt a need to “show face” as opposed for to asking the people who loved her for help. I wish I had have known more I would have given anything I had to get her on a plane to London or support her during this time. She slowly secluded herself from a lot of uk friends and family and I’ll never forgive myself for allowing her to do that and not pushing more to be let in. Forever in my heart ❣

  3. This tragic situation could have been played out in any combination, for example a doting, carer daughter murdered by a parent with severe dementia. It so happens to be a wife murdered by a husband allegedly with severe dementia, and by all account they were in a happy, loving relationship. It often takes such a horrific tragedy to bring to social awareness and consciousness the hidden issues of living and caring for people with complex health problems. I hope her death shine a light on the needs and support for carers and dementia sufferers. So far, I get the impression that the focus is on the wife’s nationality. This is distorting the perils most carer’s face in isolation. The question is what can our society do to minimise these tragedies?

    In my brief stint caring for someone with severe dementia, anger, agitation and aggression issues was mentally and physically taxing. You have to hide every possible thing that can be used as weapons: knifes, cutlass, bottles, ornaments, and be fit and able to restrain sudden aggressive attacks. You are deprived of sleep, yet you need the alertness of someone on the front line in a war zone! Even in your dressing, you cannot compromise you safety with anything that can be pulled such as neck scarves, jewellery around your neck or in your ears. And that is not an exaggeration. I send my condolence to her family.

    • If a family member is responding here why dont you come out and tell the press what transpired. You all in hiding???

      • Because it’s none of business?

        • Its our buainess here in St. Lucia she was murdered here so shut up

          • No it isn’t your business so you shut
            Up you fool. It’s the business of the people like me who are grieving her you just want gossip she wasn’t your business when she was alive so why is it your business nowmFOOL

        • This person responding haa no moral standards. Why dont you address the press officially instead of talking crap..its a murder idiot and all citizens concerned..its our business..where were you by the way to stop what went wrong..what role did you play..choops

      • Jack, this is a criminal case now. If the husband is deemed mentally incapable to stand trial, he will end up in a secure mental institute. The very place this good wife would have feared would be their last port of call when all her stoic care failed. Caring for him at home provided him a quality of life, and the insecurities and dangers could have seemed a small price to pay. I’m simply putting myself in her shoes having experienced caring, be it in short spurts, for someone with severe dementia. I am assuming that he has dementia.

    • True whilst a family member is writing crap...what did he or she do to assist...they stayed in england did nothing..not even financial look who is talking...thank god for friends who gave her moral and emotional support..instead they should be thanking her friends for being there for them

      • Wow another newbie who knows the inside out Mitchell’s another fool you didn’t know her or him or what people did for them you only know what you were told don’t always judge a book by what’s on the front cover there is usually a lot more to a story

      • Listener: listening without understanding and speaking without knowledge is tantamount to ignorance, and therefore far harder to educate.

  4. The family does not back any of these articles and wish they had kept it simple and given the family time to grieve. Mrs Mitchell would never of wanted this nor does the family. She was a private lady and that should have been respected. Pay your respects yes, post about her life in such detail no.

    • There is nothing your family can do about the media reporting on the news. Period. It's called journalism. She didn't die naturally. She was MURDERED. Our condolences, but when it becomes a murder, the situation is not PRIVATE. It's public consumption. Whilst we understand your grief, please, let commonsense prevail. There is nothing in the story that implicates Ms. Anne. The story was positive, reflecting on a human being who did so much good. Whether she would have liked it or not, doesn't matter. It was a positive story which you as the family should appreciate. If you don't like it, then we respect your feeling but don't act as if we the media committed a crime. Whether you back it or not, you can't stop media coverage of crime. again, our condolences.

      What's more interesting is that nobody is elsewhere criticising details, but they always find it fit to find SNO to complain. All the media reported on it, but SNO is where everybody tries to dump their emotions and use as a beating stick, even when there is no need for it. And we shouldn't say anything, because we should act like an abused submissive child, who should take licks, most times for no reason, and remain silent.... sorry not.

    • If the family wanted it private then tell them shut our local media dow. They cannot stop media coverage here. There is absolutely nothing wriong in this article. The lady was murdered...the article could have been worst even the pics. Tell them get some brains. The press will always get the story good or bad. Focus on the grieving and let the media do their job..

    • I agree with admin...let common sense prevail..her friend gave a very good account of the deceased during her lifetime. There is nothing wrong with her story and submitting pics. SNO did a good job. And good job lady. Accept my sympathy

  5. Sorry to hear of her demise. Condolences to the family. However to SNO, was it necessary for such a lengthy detail into her background, trips, friend interview etc. Nobody cares about all that unnecessary information you put out that there just because she is white! Once its our own people, you give a few details about the victim name, age, address and the famous ending "investigations are ongoing".

    • Oye shut up. They don't need to put up info like that for us cause everyone know everyone in Saint Lucia. But cap estate; them people don't come out and mingle so you have to properly describe them.

  6. Please........No one suffering from Dementia being early or late stage would pull that stunt and murder someone in such brutal way,unless if some else commit the crime and blame the husband knowing he is sick and the mind is gone. After so many years together why would he take her life now in their senior years? So many unanswered questions I'm at a lost. The police needs to make a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of this heinous crime I think there is more than we think going on unless he is faking his sickness.

    • Little do you know, dementia is not respectful of age, class or race neither is it respectful of mixed race marriage. Although not common, some loving and dutiful spouses with severe dementia have become brutal murderers of their soul mates.

    • Please educate yourself on how dementia and alzheimers destroy a person's mind. Unless you witness it 1st hand, you don't understand. Imagine you tell somebody to sit down and they reply 'I don't know how'.

  7. Wow. Such a detailed profile on the life of a murder victim. Not that I dont sympathize with the loved ones of the deceased, but I dont recall ever having read anything remotely similar when StLucian nationals fall prey to such violence. The bias in this case is glaring. Is it because of the local upscale address this lady hails from, coupled with her foreign nationality? Please note that the final resting place for ALL human beings, irrespective of colour, class or creed, is six feet under. Not a single one of us is superior to the other, despite our attempts to convince ourselves otherwise. The life of every person is of equal significance.

  8. If he indeed suffers from Dementia, then the mind is not working right. Depending on how advanced his dementia was, people forget how to do simple things like brushing their teeth, getting into bed, climbing stairs, using the bathroom and of course forgetting their loved ones. Their mind fades in and out. He also could have gotten to the point where one hour he knew and loved her and the next hour she was a total stranger to him. very sad situation. May she RIP

  9. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    –Galatians 3:28

  10. Its sad that after working so hard that life has to end in this manner. The poor lady dead and her husband might spend his life in prison. Who called the police ? If he did then he is conscious about what happened. If it was someone else why they didnt try to stop it?.
    Just asking
    Rip poor soul

  11. I’m deeply saddened by the news of Anna’s death - When a good person is missing the whole world seems empty...RIP

  12. I really don't think mister was in his right mind. Just speculating maybe he had amnesia or something. But a married person sound really strange.

  13. I knew her from real estate as well..she was such a lovely lady and very friendly. Very shocked and sad to hear this happened..Mr James never seemed violent but she didn't deserve to go out like this..i will very much miss her

  14. I hate hearing this and im upset about it. How can u kill ur wife like this?? Furthermore thats the age where u have to be saying back in the day the crime rate was not so high and there were not so many gruesome murders. Instead a 70 yr old plus man like you, that u doing. Bring back hanging ASAP.

    • Did the police say the man killed his wife???? Ppl read with understanding but the question is who alerted the police. If the man suffers from that kinda of sickness why would her kill her now and not before because. I'm sure they have been married for years

  15. I knew Mrs Anna my mom worked for her every Saturday... So sad to hear...sigh


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