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Murdered Bagatelle teens memorialised in local rap song

By SNO Staff

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Glendon Barthelmy (left) was stabbed to death in August 2018 and Antonio McVane (right) was shot to death in September 2017. Both were from Bagatelle.

(SNO) — Two young men have penned a tribute in song for two of their friends who lost their lives to violence in Castries over the past year.

The rap song, entitled “Too Many Niggas”, is sung by Glock Boiy (real name, Tylar Jn Baptiste, aged 18), and featuring Skelly (Don Farrell, aged 23).

The song pays tribute to 18-year-old Glendon Barthelmy who was stabbed to death on August 28, 2018, and 16-year-old Antonio McVane, better known as Edmund, who was shot on September 30, 2017. Both teens were residents of Bagatelle, Castries.

Barthelmy reportedly took his last breath while receiving treatment at hospital after he sustained at least two stab wounds, one in the chest and the other on his upper left arm. One male, reportedly his friend, was arrested in connection with his death.

McVane was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital after he sustained two gunshot wounds to the chest in a drive-by shooting.  No one was arrested in connection with his death.

Glock Boiy and Skelly, who are also residents of Bagatelle, said they started working on the song on August 30, 2018 and it was officially released on Oct. 1.

Glock Boiy told St. Lucia News Online in an interview Wednesday, Oct. 3, that the deceased teens were their “very close friends”.

He said the song is mourning their loss as well as stating the fact that too many of their friends have died. It also spoke about the challenges in their unbreakable friendship.

Glock Boiy said: “I grew up with Edmund but I went Antigua for a while and when I came back we linked back then he introduced me to Glendon; then me and Glendon had a fight, then couple days after Edmund was vex with me and wanted to fight me but end up dying the night, the same night. So me and Glendon killed the beef and became friends again.”

A music video for  “Too Many Niggas” is currently in the works.

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  1. To be young is to be dumb. Hopefully they will get older and learn from their follies.

  2. its a really nice song but dont you think how ironic it is you speak against the crime but yet your name is "GLOCK boi" isnt the glock a gun?. since your friend died in violence i suggest you change that name. but keep signing this track dope

  3. Is it a gangsta rap song?


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