UPDATE: Man murdered in Bagatelle was a gangster who turned his life around

UPDATE: Man murdered in Bagatelle was a gangster who turned his life around
Shawn Joseph

Shawn Joseph, the man who was fatally shot in Bagatelle, Castries on Friday, May 24, was allegedly a gunman ‘back in the days’ but he had changed his life for the better, reliable police sources have informed St. Lucia News Online.

Joseph, who is originally from Conway, Castries but resided at Ti Rocher, was part of a Conway crew back in the 1990s, according to our sources.

His nickname was ‘Black Cat’ or ‘Cat’.

“He used to be a bad boy in the 90’s then he changed his life around, cut his locks, but for the last 10 years I personally haven’t heard about him being involved in any criminal activity,” one of the law enforcement sources said, adding that Joseph settled down and started a family.

“He was operating the canteen at the Marigot Secondary School and a bar at Ti Rocher along with his wife,” the source added.

According to reports, Joseph was driving his motorcycle through Bagatelle, around 3 p.m., when multiple shots were fired at him by unknown person/s.

A resident told St. Lucia News Online that Joseph “ditched his bike” and ran into a yard where he collapsed. He was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was believed to be in his 40s.

St. Lucia News Online understands that back in the 1990’s Joseph was a suspect in the fatal shooting of a female, but he was released due to lack of evidence. It is alleged that the fatal shooting may have been accidental.


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  1. Gunman back in the days. In the 90s form Conway terrorising people. Well boy what goes around comes around. Simple.


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  3. Unknown shooter when the block was filled with witnesses? Well spray time in bagatelle. Peter pay for paul


    • On your day of spraying please notify innocent people. Go look for the culprit may be you know who have you all show down one on one but please miss the children, the elderly, law abiding citizens you 4king idiot you bebe kid. Remember for every action there is a reaction you all BS will NEVER end STOP the madness. Leave the law abiding citizens alone you Mr Loose get a life or a job or if you are tired of living go jump by the wharf you wharf rat.


  4. Fly with the angels...shawn was like a big brother to me,i know man like you negotiated nuff peace amongst rivals in the city at the same time tried keeping in the straight and narrow.surely one of the wiser ones....meet u at the crossroads..R.i.P


  5. I'm going to need to see more pictures of his corpse to convince me he is infact dead. 6 is no where near enough.


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