Murder victim #42 told relative ‘I am going and I will not be coming back’

Murder victim #42 told relative ‘I am going and I will not be coming back’
The spot where the victim was found
The spot where the victim was found

Vieux-Fort police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a young man of Vieux-Fort who was stabbed multiple times about the body.

Keith Smith, 29, met his demise about on Wednesday at Westall Group, Vieux-Fort, one of the most troubled areas in Vieux-Fort town.

Information as to where exactly he got stabbed could not be ascertain at this time since all the people this reporter spoke to seeking information on the incident were tight-lipped.

And Inspector Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station was not available to comment on the matter.

However, investigations by this reporter revealed that there were witnesses to the incident.

There are conflicting stories as to where he actually got stabbed. According to rumours, he was not stabbed where he fell to the ground.

His sister Tracy Johannes said the last time she spoke to her brother was about ten minutes before his death, when they met at her home.

She said when he was leaving she asked him why he would not go and sleep, to which he replied,” It’s too early to go and sleep.”

Tracy added that while Keith was leaving her home, he left a message with her relative who was also at home while he was there, saying “Tell Tracy I am going and I will not be coming back.”

And it was a fact, he never came back.

According to the grieving Tracy, later she got the shocking news from another relative that Keith was killed.

“When I arrived on the scene I saw him lying on the ground on his back with his hands wide open, legs crossed, his eyes wide open and his neck on a side,” she recalled.

She added: “You could of seen the punctures to his body through his shirt which was stained with blood.”

She described her brother as a jovial and helpful person.

“Words can’t describe how I feel,” she told this reporter.


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  1. If only he had listened to his sister. The victim said it was too early to go to sleep now unfortunately he'll be going to sleep forever RIP.


  2. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    "Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they sprouted, grew, and produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!"
    – Mark 4: 8


      • Anonoymous... I'll first start off by saying. My brother was a very complicent young man.. Hard working... Kind and manners of being very respectful to all.. He don't harras no one.. He's cool friendship is welcome to all that interacts with him.. He don't look for trouble with no one.. He doesn't deserve this.. But because of his calm spirit.. He's been provoked on a daily basis and been taken advantage of... There's a God above looking down.. The bible says " provoke your brother not to anger ".. I believe Keith smith had an intention.. And his intention was to kill my brother.. His statements made earlier is " it's too early to go to bed". Am going and not coming back" he had a death plan pee mediated act on his mind.. So y'all stop making excuses for Keith smith.. Because that very said day he came to attack my brother.. Saying where are u punk I want to kill your.. He didn't got through.. So he came back at him... And my brother and himself was very good friends.. My brother need to be freed.. It was self defense.. The news recieved got back home that he's dead.. So it could have been both ways. God is not sleeping ..


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