‘Multi-coloured’ thief caught on camera in Vieux Fort store (see video)

‘Multi-coloured’ thief caught on camera in Vieux Fort store (see video)
Video image of the perp in the store.
Video image of the perp in the store.
Video image of the perp in the store.

A businesswoman is hoping to catch a man who stole a cell phone from her store on Clarke Street, Vieux Fort yesterday.

The owner of Audrey’s Boutique said the man, dressed in multi-coloured clothing, stole a purple-coloured Samsung S5 that was in a pink case shortly after 5 p.m.

The thief was caught on camera taking the phone.

The store owner told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she saw when the man entered the store, but he looked around for about five minutes and left without buying anything.

“He was asking about some shorts, to see different colours, and asking prices,” she said.

No other customers were in the store at the time. The store owner and two employees were present.

“When he was leaving the girl noticed the pink case in his pocket, so she told me if that’s not my phone. By the time I went to check he was gone. I went outside but I didn’t see which direction he went,” the store owner told SNO.

The perpetrator is not a familiar face.

“I have never seen him before.”

Describing the alleged thief, the businesswoman said: “He had a purple and yellow cap with a ‘S’ in the front. A pink backpack on his back and a small black one across his side. He had about three silver rings, one of then had like a small green gem stone in it; blue-cloth pants, not jeans material; white sneakers, and his shirt has purple, yellow, orange, black – mutli-colored.”



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  1. The young lady who saw the phone case in the man's back pocket, should have said something whilst the man was in the store, onto when he left.


  2. There is no purple coloured Samsung Galaxy S5

    This phone is made in the colour of : Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White

    Source: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s5-6033.php

    I don't kow what type of phone she had, but it was not an S5


    • u know that the phone is not purple, because u are the thief, and u know that is the phones case that is purple, u thief, they never said is a purple phone, it is a phone in a purple case


    • You could go ahead and order any color housing you want for your phone online. I recently ordered a gold one and yes its for an S5


  3. Boy you made that look so easy. This is not your first time. Did you pay for the clothes you are wearing? In future the shop owner need to be more responsible to avoid temptation.


  4. He can be described as a high fashion thief. He steals in style and with style but apparently doesn't pay a dime for his apparel .


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