MP makes donation to Micoud family

MP makes donation to Micoud family
Dr. Rigobert (right) hands over a piece of lumber to
Dr. Rigobert (right) hands over a piece of lumber to
Dr. Rigobert (right) hands over a piece of lumber to Dorville for home repairs.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Micoud North Dr. Gale Rigobert made a donation of building supplies to Shanet Dorville mother of six.

This is one of several such donations which the district representative has made in recent months to residents whose homes are severely compromised and are in need of repair.

Dr. Rigobert is mindful of the fact that there are many in need of such assistance and continues her efforts to solicit the assistance of good corporate citizens and government agencies in her quest to respond to the many requests for help.


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  1. My god how more ridiculous can this get. I know politics is in the air and i know you are under fire from micoud people but my god the MP looks like an idiot holding down a huge dilapidated wood for the world to see. SMFH


  2. I have no problems with philantrophic gestures of politicians. Given the low level to which our (all of us) morals, ethics and code s of conduct have sunk I don't expect any different from, as in this case, Dr. Rigobert. What is immature and stupid is for her supporters to find nothing wrong with it but list all the ways such a gesture would be found wanting had it been done by a member of an opposing party .

    In some way I think if we view these gestures as what they are could be used as an indicator of how mature an electorate we are. Perhaps this may even go as far as having politicians to behave in a more respectful manner.


  3. Smh! How low can you go Madame MP. Give the bloody wood and keep quiet. Signs of the time. Silly season is approaching.


  4. You guys sounds so stupid someone is giving a helpful hand and look what you guys are saying .It is so sad though matter what ppl do you all still complain very all need help theraphy


  5. I get it, Believe me I do!! I understand it's politics and a photo op is necessary but Jah. You look foolish holding this piece of lumber in your hands. Next time just do the regular press release. No picture necessary. This is the reason why I'll abstain from asking politicians for help. Everything has to be publicized and politicized. You politicians would do well to remember Mathew 6:3 "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"


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