Gov’t issues warning to motorists with unregistered vehicles

Gov’t issues warning to motorists with unregistered vehicles


Motorists are being urged to update and register their vehicles at the Ministry of Transport or face fines of up to EC$2,000 or the alternative of six months behind bars.

This is in light of recent discovery made by the Traffic Department of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) that hundreds of vehicles operating on the roadways are unlicensed and unregistered.

Chief Transport Officer at the Ministry of Transport Lennita Joseph said that some vehicles arrive in Saint Lucia and once they leave the port, a lot of them may never pass through the authority.

“So we are currently in the process of reviewing our process of ensuring that we capture every single vehicle that are operating on the roadways in Saint Lucia,” Joseph told HTS NewsForce.

The transport official said this amounts to thousands of lost revenue for the government.

Meanwhile, Inspector Denis Felix at the Traffic Department said that this poses a threat to national security, explaining that they are working closely with other agencies to address the issue.

Felix reminded that the Motor Vehicles Licensing Act stipulates that motorists are required to register their vehicle to legally operate on the roadways.

The inspector said the current policy has allowed thousands of unregistered vehicles to illegally operate on Saint Lucia’s roadways and persons have been reluctant to come forward.

Joseph said that the Transport Ministry is working to strengthen the policy to ensure that once a vehicle reach these shores and before they are cleared, they must have proper documentation.


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  1. Why not impound the vehicle until it gets a get out of jail card, also put a time stamp on as to the deadline to recover the vehicle and if unable to do so place the vehicle on auction to cover the cost of the impound there should be no reason to imprison anyone over such trivial matter enough harden criminals in jail already. Saint Lucians are in love with their vehicle the majority will do the right thing.


  2. The ministry is concerned with the loss of revenue for government when vehicles are not registered...But does the government use this revenue to maintain our roads and infastructure...motorists spend lots of money on suspension parts which could be avoided if the roads were maintained..


  3. Why is the ministry wasting its time to warn?

    Give the damn tickets! Choops.

    I suspect you all do not even have the means to detect the lawbreakers. Smh


  4. yea the police all over town there today and will yall belive i saw a guy get a ticket when i looked at his windscreen i saw the guy has a 2014 sticker on it a 2014 sticker can you imagine and we almost at the end of 2015 smh i not sure if he just didnt put the 2015 sticker but just imagine if he didnt pay his insurance for so long


  5. and i thought all cars with a sticker have their licence paid and have insurance.
    or do this means the police overlook cars without stickers and let them pass?


  6. That ministry is full of crap. I went to inspect my vehicle, paid my insurance and the finally process of getting a disk is a trip. I've been to treasury downs stairs the former kabran hotel and there's a notice saying closed until further notice. What are persons suppose to do park their vehicles. Rubbish! Get your acts together.


  7. wen the government realise damn we need more money thats wen u start hearing these announcements. so many years that happening only now u wanna do something ...too little too late get out of office.


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