Motorist injured in Babonneau accident

Motorist injured in Babonneau accident

A motorcyclist is nursing injuries he sustained in a road accident in Babonneau yesterday.

Emmanuel Ernest, 49, fell off his motorcycle and sustained injuries particularity to his ribs.

The incident occurred at about 5:30.p.m. in Fond Assau Road, Babonneau.

He was taken to hospital via an ambulance. He remains a patient at the hospital.


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  1. So people are quick to rejoice. Please don't rejoice on nobody's hurt. Your might just be soon.


  2. Well Brother hope you get well soon, you are in my thoughts and prayers, Sorry, I can't be at your side right now. I trust God for a full recover, and will talk to you as soo. As you are able to talk, so I can her your laughter once again, For now your hold your beautiful smile in my mind and your giggle laughter resounds in my heart..

    Love you, and waiting thankful to God for your recovery.



  3. It's really sad when we have the audacity to rejoice at someone else's mishap. We all have sinned so it was a comment of poor taste by Lavina Thomas.


  4. ur a real spontanious ediot. an accident remains an accident. can be a collision or a simple misshap.


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