UPDATED: Father believes hospital released son too soon

UPDATED: Father believes hospital released son too soon
Fevrier suffered a traumatic brain injury.
Fevrier suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The father of a Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet man who died just over two weeks after a motorcycle accident, has said the medical authorities must take some blame for his son’s demise.

Ricky Fevrier, 32, also known as ‘Bull Bars’, fell from his motorcycle in Gros Islet town on September 5 while allegedly performing a stunt. He suffered severe head injuries. Fevrier, father of a four-year-old son, died in the Intensive Care Unit of Victoria Hospital around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20.

Marcel Fevrier told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that he was taking care of his son when he was released from the hospital. Fevrier Senior said he noticed that his son was still not well after his release and decided to contact the hospital. He was advised to return him on Monday, Sept. 15.

Another scan was done and he went into an induced coma. Fevrier Senior said his son never recovered. He alleged that there might have been some negligence on the part of the hospital to release his son, even while he did not fully recover and had multiple fractures to his head.

“They discharged him with the injuries only after four days. Why would you discharge somebody with all those injuries?” he questioned.

Fevrier told SNO he will do his best to get to the bottom of the issue and ensure this does not happen to another family.

A cousin told SNO that Fevrier was released from hospital on Sept. 8 but brought back on Sept. 15 after he collapsed at home.

Ricky Fevrier

He said: “They (hospital) put him out about three days after the accident because they said he was looking much better. The thing is that no neurosurgeon had checked him out at the time. They used their discretion. He collapsed at his house… Only last Thursday evening the neurosurgeon came from St. Jude (Hospital) and told us the true extent of his injuries. He had some serious head trauma, almost his whole skull was cracked, and at the time she said to us that there is nothing again that can be done; his chances of survival were 50-50.”

The relative further stated that when Fevrier was released from hospital, he was conscious but was almost in a “vegetative” state: he was not speaking clearly, could barely help himself and appeared to have lost his memory.

“He was aggressive sometimes, fighting with everyone,” the relative said, adding that his cousin was released from hospital too soon. Fevrier not only had a cracked skull but his brain had excess fluid, the cousin alleged.

Meanwhile, a source with knowledge of the incident told SNO: “It was the first Friday of this month that a few guys were in Gros Islet showing off stunts on their motorcycles, pop up etc., when one fell off the bike and apparently hit his head. I heard he laid there unconscious whilst his friends thought he was fooling around only to find out he was injured.”

The source is concerned about stunt practice.

“I would like it to be an island discussion so all these guys will understand that these stunts are not fake. I see young boys doing it in the middle of town near Chisel Street, during traffic, on the road; no helmets … I believe this message would be a wake-up call,” the source added.

A number of persons have been expressing condolences to Fevrier on the Facebook profile of several relatives and friends.

A cousin of Fevrier posted: “R.I P ( Ricky Fevrier ) You’re Gone But You Will Never Be Forgotten.”

A friend paid tribute by saying: “My soldier, you are resting peacefully, you enjoyed what you loved best, ride it like you stole it, RIP Bars.”



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  1. I hope St. Lucians use this situation to demand change and expect more from the healthcare system. Everyone talking about their tax dollars but the truth is your tax dollars have not been used to update what is most important which is your healthcare system. If you do not demand your government to do better with your dollars, they will not. Health is wealth... A country's number 1 resource is it's people. Which means we should have a realiable and fair healthcare system so that no matter what brings you to the hospital, you can trust that you will get the best care. St. Lucians I believe are very educated although by some of the comments ... It seems different. Let us not let another one of our sons or daughters pass away as a result of negligence by our healthcare system.
    Please stand up for something!


  2. See that,s the type of shit that goes on in St.Lucia. The government is totally dysfunctional and plagued with corruption. There seem to be a low level code of ethics regarding institutions in this country. It,s high time St.Lucians rise and take their stance again. Rally peacefully and let these politicians know they can,t make you the fools. If they,re not up to the task you impeach them.


  3. How much ppl talkin ting. Regardless if is stunts or no helmetthe fact remains dem ppl send the mun home on the basis of he lookin good negligence. After sustaining such an injury hmmm. A doctor have 2 come from. All vf hmmm. Where is the equipment. 2. Treat ppl come on lucians look beyond the helmet.