Motorcyclist succumbs to injuries after collision in Vieux Fort

Motorcyclist succumbs to injuries after collision in Vieux Fort
DEAD: Benjamin Edmund

A 31-year-old motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries on Friday evening after a collision in Pierrot, Vieux Fort.

Reports are that Benjamin Edmund was travelling on his motorcycle, when it collided with a minibus at around 5 p.m. and crashed into a tree.

Emergency officials said that Edmund sustained multiple injuries to his arms and legs. But his head had the most serious injuries.

Edmund was transported to the St. Jude Hospital via ambulance, where he was later pronounced dead.

Just two weeks ago, a 26-year-old motorcyclist lost his life in an accident at Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet.

Police said Kendal Thaddeus Jules was travelling in a southern direction when his motorcycle ran-off the pitch surface of the Rodney Bay/Gros-Islet Highway.

As a result, the motorcycle went into a nearby drain and collided with a small foot bridge.​



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  1. is that the bike that was given away by the brewery recently for the Guinness promo ??? hmmm


  2. I hope that photo of the bike in the garage was not taken just before the crash as it the bike appears to standing in either brake fluid or oil.


  3. I will definitely agree with the post that's makes reference to the r1 being very powerful.Even the professionals think twice before messing around with the r1.The R1 crossplane big bang in this pic produces 180bhp at the rear wheel (I've got one)compared to the transalp or tdm which makes about 80-100bhp.The roads in St Lucia are unforgiving for the more powerful bikes unfortunately. Guys although accidents cannot always be avoided,just remember to wear all your riding gear when deciding to go for a spin.Continue to ride in the heavens Bro rip...


  4. We loved u and will continue having good memories of u thinking of your laughter and smiles we shall never forget u were a wonderful individual may u rest in the bosom of the great father


  5. Too many motor cyclists are dying so young. There is a general lack of concern for human life in Saint Lucia. Whether it is lack of proper health care, crime, suicides, or accidents more can and should be done to help protect human life. Yes by far the authorities can and should do more but as a people we should also play our part. This news item was lacking as it didn't state whether or not the gentleman was wearing a helmet. Most times motor cyclist are not wearing helmets sometimes right in the presence of police officers. Family members and friends of motor cyclists please ensure that your loved ones are wearing helmets and other protective gear when they go out. Also a review of all the laws as well as the statistics relating to motor cyclists needs to be done all in an effort to solutions and to help curb what seems to be a high mortality rate among motor cyclists.


  6. Boy I was thinking of getting a bike but for de time deh I safe on dem bike ting. I go take 4 wheels for de time.


  7. Yamaha R1 is a very high power super sports bike. Fellas know your limits on these machines. That is not your Transalp and Africa Twin type of riding. Practice defensive riding at all times and again know your limitations. RIP bro.


    • one other aspect is raiders do not go step by step from lower ccm up to biger ccm and faster motor bike. Its like you start driving in a formula 1 car after having your drivers permit.


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