Motor vehicles stolen from Barre St. Joseph and Sunny Acres

Motor vehicles stolen from Barre St. Joseph and Sunny Acres

(SNO) – Two motor vehicles – one of which has been found – were stolen from two communities across the island between last Thursday and this weekend.

A Kia Rio car (registration #PD9498) was stolen from Barre St. Joseph on Thursday night, around midnight, according to information obtained by our newsroom.

Anyone with information, please call 718-6614 or the nearest police station.

A Kia Picanto car (PA103), which was stolen at Sunny Acres Sunday morning, between 1:30 a.m. and 5 a.m., has been found in Cedars, scrapped of its parts, according to reports.


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  1. Maybe the authorities should offer a reward for any information leading to solving this car theft situation. At least try something


  2. Lucian move with the times there is technology to know when someone takes your car and know exactly where it is anytime. Here's my recommendation. Berry cheap.


  3. Any body i find trying to steal my car will die. and ill be happy to go to jail for them. after i chop off their hands and legs


  4. I keep saying get an electric chair from the US to scare the criminals.


  5. Unless the police initiate night/early morning roadside checks, please expect the same. This is the most likely way to deter car-theft that occurs after sunset.
    My heart goes out to the victims especially if their livelihood is dependent on a vehicle.


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