Motocross at Kee-Bees

Motocross at Kee-Bees

The Biggest Motocross race in the world is taking place this Saturday 18th Oct.2014 in Las Vegas.

The race will be on Live from 9:30pm at the Kee-Bees Sports Bar & Restaurant on the Rodney Bay Village Strip. 8 flat screens and one merge wall projector will be bringing all the action to us LIVE in St.Lucia.

There is free WiFi so we can send live tweets to the host which will give the island more motor sport exposure to the world.

All Motocross and motor sport lovers are invited to view this once a year event call the Monster energy Million dallor cup as rider fight to with A million Dollars US!

Kee-Bees Monster Energy Show Down at Kee Bees will have lots of giveaways along with Prizes up for grabs.

Come learn more about the sport and hang out with St.Lucias’ Motorsport lovers.

Special parking and prizes for all persons who count with their Big Boy toys (Motorcycle and Sport car)


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  1. spend some time and money in helping the poor and needy for once
    All we do as lucians is support and celebrate other countries.


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