Mother’s Day message from Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

Mother’s Day message from Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – This Sunday, we honour our mothers in a special way. We recognise and show appreciation for their invaluable role in imparting to us and to our children the values that place the family at the centre of our concept of who and what we are.

Saint Lucian women, Saint Lucian mothers are all too often unsung heroes. I cherish the memory of my own mother.

Every day of my life, I honour the tremendous and incalculable impact she has had on my life. She, more than any other person, has shaped me into the person I am today. I miss her calmness, her soothing hands, her words of comfort, love and encouragement.

Let us always use the love, courage, and wisdom of our women, wives, and mothers as inspiration to be better than we are.

I encourage you to take some time out this weekend to demonstrate to the mothers in your life how much they truly mean to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. This guy will stoop to any depth to play on people's emotions for a vote. If St. Lucians have not learnt they never learn again. We don't want seemingly smart Alicks to govern us. We are looking for people who are genuinely concern with the welfare of all people all the time, not only at election time.


  2. Since when orn? Since your mother died? You could not have wish mothers a happy mother days, when your mum was alive, because all St Lucian know you did not treat her right. You own relatives are the ones saying it in the south of the island. HYPOCRITE.


  3. Thank you. But let's have meaning to the words mother's day.

    To the would be mothers who lost their babies at birth at Victoria and St. Jude's hospitals through negligence and poor health services.

    To the mothers waiting hours to get attention from one doctor at our health centres And hospitals.

    To the mothers who are denied attention at our hospitals through lack of resources.

    To the mothers who have young children in Bordelais through unfortunate circumstances and seeing their children on remand for four or five or six or eight years before their cases can be heard.

    To the mothers who suffer the indignity of rape or are the victims of murder but their cases remain unsolved due to an under resourced and under manned police force denied the support services to assist them in conducting proper investigations.

    To the mothers at the mercy of a failed justice system and who cannot get their day in court or the justice they deserve.

    To the mothers, self employed and hustling and have to watch their businesses collapse through VAT and a poor economy.

    To the mothers belittled by twice a year employment for a few weeks each time from STEP.

    To the mothers struggling to send their children to school often with no breakfast and a poor or non existent bus subsidy transport system.

    To the mothers struggling under a nonsense minimum wage and exposed to the horrors if unscrupulous employers.

    To the mothers waiting under duress for the 200 dollars chikd nsintensnce, no one looking out for them to increase that allowance.

    The list can go on and on Dr. Anthony so those mothers will take your greetings with a teaspoon of salt and the distance it deserves.


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