Mother says Jamaican gov’t should help with her triplets

Mother says Jamaican gov’t should help with her triplets
Simone Parchment

(JAMAICA STAR) —  Simone Parchment is struggling financially with her two-year-old triplets. The Stephen’s Run, St Elizabeth, resident told CENTRAL STAR that she was not expecting triplets.

“I did the ultrasound and it showed two babies, and then the hospital did it again and they picked up one more, and I was so shocked,” said Parchment, who feels that the Government should play a role in helping to care for the babies.

“It is two months now I don’t see the father, and the Government does not help. Government should be responsible for one when you have three. That’s what they said, but they didn’t give me any help at all. So, I need some assistance,” Parchment said.

At 34 years old, Parchment is the mother of five and is unemployed. She has two older children, ages five and 12.

“I don’t have a job now, but sometimes I campaign for the children on the weekends. I have a pan that I use to go out and collect money. My other children are in school and are being supported.”

Parchment said that she started sending the two-year-olds to school in September but has experienced difficulties sending them every day. She is now worried that her children’s haphazard school attendance may affect them later on.

“Me stop dem from going sometimes … . Dem no go straight throughout the week sometimes. They are not going to get the full educational experience, and that’s why I need some help,” she said in a concerned tone.

Parchment said that the father of the triplets is not able to work because of illness. She added, however, that he’s not the father of the other children.

“Dem fada have blood clots on him ankle … him mussi did lick up him ankle inna something. He was in the hospital for three weeks, so him seh him caan get fi work right now, but him coulda try him best fi try and find something for them,” she

Anyone who wishes to assist Simone Parchment can contact her at 876-475-0282.


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