Mother of T&T murder victim: “I’m relieved he’s dead”

Mother of T&T murder victim: “I’m relieved he’s dead”
Alex Anthony Loney
Alex Anthony Loney

(T&T NEWSDAY) – For 18 years she suffered abuse at his hands.

Today, Laurel Thomas Loney, after viewing the body of her 35-year-old son Alex Anthony Loney, said she feels relief.

“He was not a good boy and I will not make any excuses for him,” Thomas-Loney said when she spoke to Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre this morning.

Thomas-Loney told Newsday she was in the living room of her Pleasantville home when she heard gunshots and her son’s last scream shortly before midnight on Thursday.

She said just before that, she heard the sound of glass breaking and assumed the gunman broke the window in order to shoot at her son.

She said while Alex was her son and she loved him very much, she felt at ease with his death.

She recalled that her son would beat her and had started doing so when he was a teenager.

Two years ago, she said, he chased her out of her home and did not allow her to return for all of 2016.

She returned to her home last year.


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  1. Why do you feel soooo sad that a mother feel 's better that her son is dead? have you been through a labor pain..for hours and hours .and when that child grow to start disrespecting his parents. laying hands on your who carried you for 9 months. are. You serious.he should have been out of this world. the very first time he touch his mother.


    • what you said is so true cause if she had it up to her neck with him assaulting her nothing strange she could have had him set up to be killed. i know some of you might not understand my comment and indeed it is a bit harsh but yall need to think outside the box for a moment here cause there are to many strange things happening in this world and we are to blind to see through it. i just read that a nine year old just pulled a gun on his 13 year old sister and killed her cause she didnt want to pass the controller of a video game they were playing so who is to say strange things dont happen


  2. That is so sad, when your own mother is happy you're dead. You should have been respecting your mom. The devil's hard at work.


    • OMG It is sad what that mother had to go through with her son. Lord have mercy on your children down here. I feel so sad to hear a mother feels better be cause her son is dead


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