Mother of missing woman fears her daughter is dead: “They should of leave the body for me to see”

Mother of missing woman fears her daughter is dead: “They should of leave the body for me to see”
Saadia Byron
Saadia Byron

A frantic search for a woman of Laborie whose mother fears she is dead continued in earnest this morning.

Saadia Byron, 32, of Black Bay, Laborie, was reported missing since last Thursday evening.

A condom, a stone, human faeces and her underwear were discovered about 25 metres from her home where she lives with her mother and other family members. One family member said there was a bit of blood in the bushes but another said there was none.

According to her mother, Georginia Byron, sometime before 8 p.m. on Thursday someone spoke to Saadia via cell phone and she (Saadia) told the person that she was on a minibus, coming from Vieux-Fort and heading to Laborie.

The area where her belonging was found.

Her mother said sometime after 8 p.m. she heard dogs barking around the same area where her daughter’s belonging was found, but it did not raise an alarm because it was not unusual for dogs to be barking in such a way during that time of the night.

Georginia said it was a friend who led her to the scene where her daughter’s belonging was discovered. She said she then called her daughter’s cell phone which rang for a while and then went to a voice recording message which said the person she is trying to reach is unavailable.

“I searched the whole area looking for Saadia but I can’t find her. She is dead…” Byron told this reporter in an interview.

“At least they should of leave the body for me to see…” she grieved.

Saadia’s home

According to Georginia, her daughter would always tell her where she is going and would return the time she promises to do so.

Saadia, a mother of three, is described as a quiet and friendly person by her family and friends.

“Saadia don’t look for trouble with anybody. It’s really sad…” a resident said.

Yesterday the police carried a search in the vicinity of her home but to no avail.

In the meantime, family members, friends and neighbours are currently combing the area in search for the missing woman.

Police are continuing their investigations into the matter.


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  1. What a sad day in this country. Women are not safe on this beautiful isle. My lord please lend an hand. My deepest condolences to the family of this lady, if there was no peace on earth for her, may she find it with the most high. No rest for the wicked, may you burn in the eternal fires of hell. I hope you are listening.


  2. This is where the forensic lab is urgently needed. Mr PM equip us effeciently so we can solve these murders and put those monsters behind bars where they belong. Make St Lucia safe again.


    • I wonder who disliked the comment. But... one would think that with feces and condom and the body..they should be able to get Some info... then....perhaps maybe.. jus maybe....they can get some more leads. #sigh


  3. OMG that is so sad, I have so many females in my family, this brings tears to my eyes, O Lord! And she has kids, why kill her? I can get arrested IDC, I will never stop walking without my knife. I will try and will fight and kill to preserve my soul. Please don't take me out of context.


  4. Poor poor mother. May God give you strength . To have to bury your daighter after something like this. How many yrs will u wish u had gone to c what those dogs were braking at? It was not your fault and it was not her fault. That person is there still walking and they will find theirs as they can never rest while they walk this earth.


  5. The watcher
    It is sad for a family to lose someone like that father or mother daughter or son in fact anyone my condolences and prayers are going to the family of those people who are now in sadness let all those that passed R I P. Now i think all that nonsense have to come to a stop it seems that we are going back in stead of going forward people who are doing that kind of behavior could you please stop it we don't have to live like JA T&T NYC LA and so on its Bad Romance for our country.


  6. Why yall Lucians always on the police back,let the police do their dam job and stop making foolish statements.


  7. Frustrated......y would u say the police officers are incompetent......even though u hve a person of interest how u mean how comes the case not solved every thing in life is a process.....there are human rights to every human being except the police so they hve to investigate.....if u hve information bring it in dont bash the police cuz they are not there when crimes are being the family of the young lady my condolences.....crime is our business....not just the each others keepers....


  8. Do yourll ever read before making those damn ass comments. Did the news ever say she spoke to the mother to say she was on a bus. Read!!!!!!!! For Christ sake man. To the family, may you find closure and now is the time to be strong for one another.


  9. This story is so incomplete by the mother : she was on a bus going home when she got a phone call, QUESTION: HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT,WHERE YOU ON THE BUS WITH HER?
    you never said whether she got home and left again and what time did she leave, but you say she is missing.give the complete story to the reporters and the reporters should not publish an incomplete story like this.


  10. It's amazing how clueless and incompetent our officers are. You have so much proof in this case, including a person of interest and u guys can't solve this case yet. This is so disappointing. Nothing works in this little island. No wonder people are talking the law into their own hands.


    • Seriously? Has the DNA or other evidence tied the person of interest to the scene. #WhatYouSayWhenYourPhoneIsSmarterThanYou


  11. There will be no rest for the wicked....smh...Why would someone want to hurt Saadia???Can't even imagine what the family is going through, especially her mother...


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