Mother of Linus Constantine doubtful justice will be served

Mother of Linus Constantine doubtful justice will be served
Linus Constantine.
Linus Constantine.

Mother of slain youth leader Linus Constantine has said she is relieved that the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has finally identified the decomposed body found on the Marisule beach on April 15 to be that of her son.

“We are relieved to know that that part is over and we could finally have some closure to the matter and put this phase behind us and at least try to move on,” Juliana Goolaman told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The mother however firmly believes that her family will not get the justice they deserve in the matter.

“That part of it I am not really concerned. With the law in St. Lucia, most of the time the criminals get away so they can do what they have to, but in St. Lucia there is no justice, that’s just the way I see it,” she told SNO.

After a series of forensic tests, the body of Linus Constantine was confirmed and handed over to his family on Thursday, October 9.

An autopsy report revealed that the former chairman of Youth Talk died of extensive head injuries secondary to blunt force trauma.

Arrangements for his burial are being finalised.


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  2. 6 months to identify the body...
    how until ...
    how long until an arrest?
    how long until arraignment?
    how long until the case is called?
    how long until a verdict?
    how long will the murderer stay behind bars?
    how long will we continue seeing these senseless murders?

    RIP Linus


  3. I'm am extremely saddened by Linus' death even if I didn't know him. Youth with such drive and leading abilities are what is missing in Saint Lucia and of course he is murdered. To his family, my condolences. Please accept my empathy. And to the justice system in Saint Lucia please restore our faith in your ability to SERVE & PROTECT! Please, give this man and his family some justice!


  4. We are loosing so many youths on the island it's a shame.. You know what hurts is that someone out there know something and will keep
    Their mouths shut seeing that mother/father everyday in pain . I don't know where the love for one another gone, but I think we as Lucian have lost our way, and instead put material things before our ourselves in the process we don't love self, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and most certainly no love for our Sweet St.Lucia.. NO LOVE, NO RESPECT seriously.


  5. I would say to the Parent of this young man don't give up you never know Justice can be served.

    Sometimes reward money (if you have it) can go along way.

    Just keep seeking information. Someone out there knows something.


  6. I am curious to know some facts about this case. Because it is a murder mystry.

    was the young man lured to the beach where he was found or did the murder took place else where and the body dumped at the sight where he was found?

    Who was the last person to see him alive and at what time?

    did he have cellphone can the telephone companies in the island go back and look at his call or text logs? (of course this is St.lucia, I doubt it but we all searching for answers)

    And why would someone want him dead? did he have problems with anyone?

    These are important questions what are the police saying?


  7. where there is no justice there is chaos in the land. this poor chap must have endured countless torture in the hands of his murderer. but let god deal with his murderer. I pray god make him suffer twice as much as this young man. may fairness prevail in this island where human lives are constantly taken for granted. st .lucia should be under investigation by the international community. too many innocent lives are being taken away and nothing done for the family


    • how is it a crying shame? the truth hurts eh?
      The RSLPF needs to hear things like that from people who are grieving the loss of a loved one through violence! It should motivate them to pull up their socks.


      • Mister - Because it IS a crying shame when there's no justice. You are also right that the powers need to hear this. All prospective candidates at the election must have some concrete ideas and unite to increase the judicial process. This cannot go on.


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