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Mother of attempted suicide victim puzzled

By SNO Staff

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The victim is now in stable condition.

The victim is now in stable condition.

Relatives of a 33-year-old man who allegedly attempted suicide by ingesting pills during a live broadcast on Facebook on Thursday evening, are still baffled.

The man, who hails from Dierre-Bois, Augier in Vieux Fort, is reported to be in stable condition at St. Jude Hospital, according to relatives.

The man’s mother told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she heard of the incident from one of his close friends and could not believe that her eldest child would do that.

Asked what she think might of caused him to commit such an act, she said, “I don’t know why he did it. I cannot answer nobody that question.”

The woman said her son never mentioned that he was having problems.

According to her, her son who is currently unemployed lives by himself, while his wife and two children, ages 5 and 9, live in England.

The mother told SNO that he shares a visiting relationship with a woman in the area.

The family, according to her, does not have the details of what took place, but will be visiting him at hospital this afternoon.


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  1. Ok, his wife and children live in England and he is down there by himself! Are they separated? Hope they can make it right for the sake of the children... Mr. don't be a coward thinking taking your life will make it better. Trust in the lord and stay strong...

  2. Prayers. Is the answer to your problem

  3. When people are living in bad conditions and see no way out, that's what happen.

  4. Now is live stream smh a bet if they stop paying attention when ppl commit suicide you'll stop. Cause is attention you'll want

  5. Soldier dont feel ashamed to speak out about issues and ask for guidance and assistance. Those who may laugh are not your true friends. At this point bro forget about pride. Just speak to someone and let it out. You will always bounce back.
    You are not the first and wont be the last with issues. WE all have some kind.
    Man if you have to make new friends go ahead. Time always wins at healing.
    Try to do stuff to keep you smiling.
    Even the "BIG BOSSES" wish they were free like you. Money and fame does not always treat their owners nicely. Check out some of the rich and famous and their "HAPPY LIFE".
    Someone must LOVE you and need your company. Go keep them smiling and dont worry.


  6. Wow hope you get the help you need young man i felt ur pain in that video 🙁

  7. unbelievable the way u seem to have everything together.

    mama if he has a wife and a visiting girlfriend he no longer had a wife. if im his wife and im seeing this.. this would be the end of the marriage. not everything needs to be disclosed to the media smfh

    hope you get the help you need my g kmft.. smh

  8. IT seem we go have 5 women and 1 man living in a house just now cause our men think they have no value. life is so precious

  9. my brother becareful there is a better life on the other side but if you take your life u would miss that life dispise your reason for doing that foolish act.Now remember your two kids u bring g into this world and your family u would put so much pain on.

  10. My friend, please keep your small kids in your prayers everyday. They are supposed to keep you wanting to push for better! Set pride aside and do what we must!

  11. I wonder what would cause the young people in St. Lucia to commit suicide?
    It is heartbreaking to family members of the victims when they have no clue why the person commits suicide.
    Come on guys! Think of the love ones you are leaving behind, the effect it has on them not knowing why you would take your life.
    WOMEN / MEN stress -the old people say there are many fishes in the sea.
    MONEY stress- things don't always stay as they are have faith.
    finally talk to someone who can assist and have trust in GOD . Choice to live

  12. Attention!! copycat!

    • i pray that cover you with his blood young bro trust in and everything will be ok

    • Copycat? Really?Someone is depressed and that us what you are posting. You are a negative person. We need to support each other.

      • I can see why the person is calling him a copy cat. Since FB Live people have been doing a lot of stupid things for attention. At the same time ''we'' cannot Criticise his actions, clearly this was some sort of cry for help.
        May God bless him and bring some light into his life. I personally wish him well.


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