Mother and son feud turned violent in Maynard Hill

Mother and son feud turned violent in Maynard Hill

Details of an ongoing feud between a son and his mother in Maynard Hill, Marchand which turned violent late last month with the son throwing objects at his mother’s house and threatening to kill her, was revealed in the Magistrate’s Court last Friday.

The son, Chandler Helidore, escaped a prison sentence after pleading guilty to breaching a protection order, threatening words, throwing missiles and intentionally causing damage.

His mother, Adelina Herdore, had asked the court to drop the charges but her request was not entertained.

According to the mother’s statement, read by the prosecution in court, Adelina heard a loud noise at about 6:15 pm on October 28, 2012. When she looked through a window she observed her son throwing stones.  He then asked her for the post she took from his yard and she threw the post from the window.

“I killing you tonight,” he reportedly said in response to his mother throwing the post.

“You will kill me for a post?” she replied.

According to Adelina, her son continued to launch missiles – stones and a rubbish bin containing water –at her house.  She said the bin, which was damaged in the attack, is valued at $40.

She further claimed that her son removed his clothing, bent over, and told her to kiss his behind, at which point he was approached by a neighbor and taken away from the scene.

She made a report to the Marchand Police Station.  The total damage to her property was calculated at $365.

According to the prosecution, who read the police report to the court, Chandler gave responses to each charge when police officers informed him of the allegations.

On the charge of threatening words, his response was “malicious lies”; on the charge of throwing missiles he responded “bunch of lies”, and on the charge of damage to property he responded that he heard something break when his mother was pushing the post out of the window therefore she broke her own stuff.

The prosecution pointed out that even though the mother no longer wished to pursue action against her son, any violation of a protection order demanded an immediate custodial sentence therefore they were obliged to pursue the case on its own merit.

Earlier, Chandler’s attorney made an emotional plea to the court to be lenient on his client, saying his client is the father and sole bread-winner of three children. The attorney however pointed out that his request for leniency is in no way condoning such a behavior from anyone towards their mother as he himself holds his mother in high regard.

The attorney further stated that his client is willing to leave Maynard Hill immediately.

Before handing down her decision, the magistrate asked the mother for any final words.

Adelina appealed to the magistrate to “please drop her son (drop the charges) because of the children because the children doh have to pay for what he did”.

In handing down sentence, the magistrate acknowledged that Chandler pleaded guilty and this was his first offence.  However, she noted that it is a serious offence to breach a protection order from the court, which shows disrespect and disregard for the system.

In response, Chandler said his mother had also violated their mutual bond by entering his yard and collecting 15 sheets of galvanize and some posts.  The son said he approached his mother’s house to demand the return of his items, and it was at that time he uttered the threatening words, “I will kill you.”

On the charge or throwing missiles, Chandler was placed on bond for one year.  In default, he will pay $500 or spend 30 days in prison.

On the charge of threatening words, he was placed on bond for one year or in default pays $500 or spend 30 days in prison.

On the charge of damage to property he was cautioned, reprimanded and discharged.  On the more serious charge of violating the probation order, he was ordered to leave Maynard Hill by 5 pm on Friday.

He was also sentenced to two months in prison, which will be suspended for one year. This means if he commits any other crime of this nature during a one-year period he will serve at least two months in prison.

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  1. What would be interesting is to know what in the past has led to that dis-functional mother / son relation. There must some background.


  2. People should have respect for their parents and elders no matter what. That is total disrespect to the person who gave birth to you. My mother and I don't see eye to eye yet I will never ever exchange words with her like this or even disrespect her, farless reach inside a courthouse. This is one of the factors deteriorating our society today!


    • I concur. My mother and I are not close but I will give her due respect and check up on her. I will never suck my teeth or mumble in her presence. Youth today are too lawless. That is one of the Commandments / laws of the Most High. Obey your parents so our days may be long.


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