Moses ‘Musa’ Jn Baptiste intensifies mystery of Voice newspaper article’s author

Moses ‘Musa’ Jn Baptiste intensifies mystery of Voice newspaper article’s author
Oswald Augustin (left) and Jn Baptiste
Oswald Augustin (left) and Jn Baptiste

(SNO) — The Saint Labour Party’s Chairman Moses Jn. Baptiste, and author of a letter to Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry questioning why information gleaned by police is in the hands of the United Workers Party’s general secretary, has intensified the mystery surrounding the author of an article that has now become a talking point in the country.

Nine days after the article’s publication, the identity of the author is still engulfed in mystery, made more so by Jn. Baptiste at a press conference today, Sept. 18.

This is somewhat curious seeing that the article was published under the name of someone called ‘Oswald Augustin’ and that Jn. Baptiste, in his letter to Moncherry clearly indicated that it was the Oswald Augustin of the UWP who wrote the article.

Today however, Jn Baptiste appears not to be as brave as in earlier times.

The article is headlined “Legal Action in Train” and appeared in the September 8, 2018 issue of the newspaper. The article has now grabbed the nation’s attention.

“I will continue to say that the Voice newspaper published an article by Oswald Augustin indicating words to the effect that Israelis are involved in investigations in St. Lucia and that the police have certain evidence that people will be prosecuted and I’ll continue to say that,” Jn. Baptiste said, and gave nothing much more when pressed on the issue.

At a press conference yesterday, Sept. 17, the UWP general secretary cautioned Jn Baptiste by saying: “He (Jn Baptiste) should first find out how many Oswald Augustins there are in Saint Lucia before he says it (article) was written by the general secretary of the United Workers Party. And I want to caution him next time he calls or write my name anywhere he better make sure he has facts and knows what he is talking about. Since he (Jn Baptiste) has written a letter to the police he needs to get his facts straight and find out which Oswald Augustin wrote that article because the last time I check there were five Oswald Augustins, one passed away. He has to be careful who he is talking about.”

Meanwhile, the Voice newspaper continues to remain quiet on that score, in fact writing an article in today’s newspaper basically asking the same question everyone is asking: who wrote that article?

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  1. When it comes to the representation of Vieux Fort North, both MUSA and SLP should hang their head in shame! SLP over the years have continue to neglect these poor folks who continue to vote them in over and over. Just don't get it!


    • And come next election he will still be voted in by those idiots.. i suspect misery is in their DNA.. Let SLP know that seat is not a sure one and you will see mountains move.. Mousa is sitting pretty in his permanent job playing tamboo and wearing african outfits


  2. just a gentle reminder to Moses MUSA Jn Baptiste.. you have a constituency by the name of Vieux Fort north... the people voted for you.. you are duty bound to represent and attend to the needs of those people.. and plz don't say UWP is in power so you can't do much because you aint did shit when your party was in power.. i am also embarrassed to say i assisted with voting you in on two occasions .. look after your people man.. the roads, playing fields etc.. smh.. this is the loudest we have heard you.. all through your party's reign you were MIA..

    bloody hell man!!


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