UPDATED: Man dies hours after being allegedly poisoned by bandits; police investigating

UPDATED: Man dies hours after being allegedly poisoned by bandits; police investigating


A Morne Du Don man was reportedly robbed and poisoned by masked bandits on Monday.

O’Brien Antoine, 44, was robbed of about $60 and poison was poured down his throat.

“Reports indicate that Antoine was accosted by two masked men who allegedly forced him to consume a poisonous substance,” according to a press statement from the Police Press Office.

The incident allegedly occurred on Monday, October 5, 2015, at about 8:00 a.m. on the Choc Beach, Castries.

He was taken to the hospital and succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday, a few hours after being poisoned.

Antoine, who is a plumber by profession, was stabbed and robbed by bandits last year.

He was hospitalized for a short period, but had recovered from his injuries.

The police said an investigation has been launched into this incident.


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  1. May he rest in peace gonna miss my my dearly beloved cousin the memories of you we all ways be with your family and friends


  2. Please someone. Please find these guys please our children need not be raised in such an environment with such elements out there . I ask out Heavenly Father to interned and. Bring them to swift justice let out Ploice find those involve I pray that's their tongues speak of their ill father deliver them into the hands of justice for no evil action you said father goes unpunished ! I beg policemen pray fathers mothers pray grand parents pray we need a claim St Lucia back not just for us but for our children !


  3. You damn rite I think that guy killed himself and just give a bogus story sending the police on a wild goose chase. Thought he would live


    • Yes smh...ignorant comment...wait til it happens to u or ur family and then u will no wat tym of day it is....things like dat shudnt be said openly like that...no wonder this country is so backward...the only account we hav is wat was said to the brother...wel go to the police n tel them that's wat u no....u foolish...God saw everything n bet ur bottom dollar someday we definitely will no wat transpired..God hav a way of always working things out...that's why u must leave justice n vengeance to him...too much wickedness in saint Lucia...for me self, it stinks...


  4. Death by poison,the thieves are becoming very creative why don't they use the idea to invent something that will make them very rich since they love so much money. I hope the dead man hunt you all till the end of you all miserable lives. Day ban za ni mo.


  5. That story is far fetch robbers walking around with poison on the beach at 8 am. Ppl come on. Wow. Something just doesn't sound rite.


    • Oh so ppl hav to do something these days for u to die columbo?? Hmmm...waiit til they come n steal by u and u wil no wat time of day it is....saint lucians now are jus wicked...u go on a bus now they dnt answer ur good afternoon... U take ur hard earned money to help them they dnt pay u back...u put up ur house with ur years of strength n they wana steal from it....u try n tell them abt God they dnt wana hear...ur friends self see u get promoted or hav a loving partner in a relationship they try their utmost to take that away....our leaders self jus getting fat n hav a choice wen to eat n drink cuz they hav the money...me n u ppl hav to struggle hard to put food on da table for our family... Our people now jus wicked to scorn but trust me God wen God uses his natural forces to teach us a lesson we go cry blood...instead we jus humble n pray for God to heal our land...


  6. It is so unsettling to think that our society is breeding human beings who are capable of careying out such a horrendous act. My deepest sympathies to the family of the deceased. My his soul and the souls of all the departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


  7. Is the man reading those comment why urll eh tell him that when is was alive chups its sad but sum of u n ur comments to serious cum on now


  8. Things are becoming more frightening day by day in our once peaceful and beautiful St.Lucia. This is indeed a horrendous crime. I am one of those who never support the death penalty, but now I have a change of heart. We need to send a stern message to the criminals. HANG THEM!


  9. Sixty dollars? Awah! Them fellas real serious with their thing! Smh! Rip! Mr Antoine! My sympathy goes out to his family!


  10. wow, st lucia is getting rough! Can't believe what i'm reading, after he robbed the guy he forced him to drink poison? Hope they catch that sun of a bitch soon and make him/her pay!!!!!


  11. And the lawyers and them say no vigilante Justice. unless it hit home u dont know how u are going to react. This act is unbelievable. Forcing someone to Drink poison. Smh. Crime taken to another level.


  12. Masiay cousin....it hard for us as family to lose u so suddenly or accept this.... We wonder WHY.... I wil miss u telling me to go home wen u c me in town n why I in town so late...a big woman like me e...wen u c me big day time...lol... After the family very small aredy...to lose u like this jus making the family smaller....hope to find the strength...awa e...saint Lucia now I must say is really disgusting... Thinking of GOlod alone dat givin me a comfort e....n them sick n stink murderers sit on a bus next to us, tell us good afternoon without we even realise....that's wat makes it even creepy...lets remember the same way people kill people jus so is the same way somebody else will do the act even more gruesome...God is our defender..... Rip....Brian Antoine....


  13. Obrien R.I.P. my friend you were a humble man,love life and people and now your life has been taken by those evil bastards for those who have committed this murder your time in HELL won't be long


  14. You will, not doubt, eventually get your JUST REWARD.

    KARMA comes slowly but surely.

    RIP peace, young man.


  15. that is shate and when we hold them and burst their asses people like grace and the mary francises quick to give them idiots rights. no hard working law abiding citizen has to be treated in such a manner for their own belongings i feel so angry and sorry for this dude after you were robbed you were stabbed and given poison to drink awa


  16. These guys need to find and lock them up for the rest of their lives. Its not a laughing matter ,they are a treat to society they can do you, me ,that also.


  17. I have heard of Mafia horrific murders, but Lucians are right there with the Godfather - forcing POISON down someone's throat ? Sort Modee !


  18. And when the police do what they have to do, dumb #$%@ open their a$$ and talk crap. Operation Restore Confidence 2.0. F$#@ the US. But Kenny don't have the balls to take proper measures. He rather bring despair and ruin to all of St. Lucia than do what must be done. Labour - Soft on Crime.


  19. so for $60 a man lost his life..........really ?? this is beyond disgraceful. and then police will say if you catch the bandits don't beat them. when they killin people for $60 little dollars.


  20. This? Is what our country has come to? Killing a man so cruelly for 60 dollars? This is beyond tragic.

    I'm sorry but, I hope Jah deals with them in a matter befitting them.