More youth ambassadors needed (letter to the editor)

More youth ambassadors needed (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor:
 I believe it safe to say that when ambassadors are appointed, they are expected to become our “global representatives, sales and marketing experts, and also our eyes and ears in the world”.

A certain level of responsibility is therefore given to ambassadors to carry our brand, which, by the self proclamations of the SLTB is, “Simply Beautiful”. Undeniably, some of our ambassadors do their jobs exceptionally well. However, as an individual, a patriot, and a stakeholder in the economy of your country, you are forced to search within and ask, “self, do you think that enough is being done for the country by our ambassadors who are given air miles, entertainment budgets to cover the salary of a middle class family, and who, in the true essence of the word, is, ‘wined and dined’?”. Food for thought.

While reading the article which was circulated by the Office of the Prime Minister and posted on your website, it struck me as interesting that the prime minister had so much to say to, and about the youth delegation from China, but seemed to have no plan to develop a youth ambassadors programme for young St. Lucians. Is it that the young people of our country are not qualified to be ambassadors, or that Fair Helen does not deserve young and vibrant ambassadors?

With handsome funds being allocated to our global representatives, it is depressing that more often than not, when we, back home hear about the works of our ambassadors, they are at loggerheads with each other. I can remember several incidents over the past few years in which St. Lucian ambassadors have been at each other’s throats for posts in various countries, and that, I’m afraid, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. My point therefore is, if our ambassadors will behave like children, we may as well appoint young ambassadors, who are expected to slip off once or twice and misbehave, but who usually rise to the occasion and put the child-like bantering of our ambassadors to shame.

Moreover, we have young people, with innovative ideas, eloquence to be proud of, and resilience that is sure – if given the opportunity – to make a name for us. Why then are these young people not nurtured adequately? Why are their abilities not harnessed, so as to ensure that when the time comes for service to our nation, we have prepared, willing and assertive young people, to which the torch can be passed? What better way to do such, if not to allow these young people to mentor under the likes of those who have done our country proud? (In this case, the few who do their jobs exceptionally well).

May I also just add, that if we do nothing to ensure that the future of this country is one where it’s people can, at long last, enjoy the fruits of their labours, we may never realise the true potential of our people.

And so, our honourable PM, should take into consideration the fact that the demographic of our country is made up of a large number of young people, most of whom are eligible to vote. Having said as much, the rest is certainly not rocket science.

With the outermost concern and love for Fair Helen,



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  1. So so true, I am sure that article was written by a young person. Unfortunately the person whom that article is intended to will never read it


  2. Sorry kids, it's bad enough with the full time ones not doing their job properly, let alone hire some young ones.

    An ambassador should have impeccable manners, speak fluently and knowledgably across a wide range of subjects. This is invariably learned over time.

    You can best serve your country by getting a job, paying your taxes, and keeping out of trouble. We don't need more snouts in the trough.


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