More than one person believed responsible for Vieux Fort homicide

More than one person believed responsible for Vieux Fort homicide


Authorities believe more than one person is responsible for the sadistic slaying of a 59-year-old woman from Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

Samdai Fraser was discovered dead at her home on Monday (July 20) lying face down in a pool of blood, with a rope around her neck and plastic bag around her mouth and neck.

Her face had apparently been slammed to the floor of her home, police officials have said.

It is believed that Fraser may have walked in on a burglary in progress and knew her killers very well.

Reports are that several items were missing from her home: two cell phones, one 32-inch TCL television, one  iPad and one Play Station 3 game consoles.

Investigations are still ongoing.


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  1. To whomever has answers, you can be traced here....sadly. however, there are many other ways of giving police or the family leads on who might be involved since you are concerned about your own safety. We have come to a point where we don't know who to trust. If she knew her killer, then was he a relative? Was she a neighbor? Are they trying to disguise themselves as young people interested in technology or are they older folk? Was it one person?

    I think too, we have reached the point everywhere on earth, where justice needs to be regulated by the nation but victims will be part of the system. I wouldn't mind going morbid or 'temporarily insane' on the perpetrators.

    If I would get a grant, without 90% headache, I would love to study forensic science to help out police.



  2. R.I.P
    This is what i was scared of happening.Someone knows something speak up.You kill them when u find them there is a problem. My house got bugled 2 times in 2 weeks up to now police cant recover the goods, now this woman has lost her life.



  3. Things u need to lucia ..your gun and always walk with a knife for any unpleasant suprise..If is my mom once ur name call in that u dead.


  4. I think it's time the policemen show What they're worth it's not Jane doe anymore it's one your owns Mom if you can't solve Yana's Auguste death it would be shameful to have so much information in such little time as to who killed this woman ! When everyone in the streets know who the asailants are we deman quick resolution for both deaths and all the many that have followed . Bring back Cyril bring back Phillipcy let the men that solved crime assist not the policement who are busy using the force as a gang to steal and acqure wealth . Look at these police men on a salary less than 80,000.00 a year driving SUV's motor cycles owning homes more than 400,000.00 worth come on St Lucia do the math ! Let's stop turning the blind eye for if the authorities can't see it I am sure we the citizens can . At least every family or friend has been affected by one of these killings in one way or the other do we need more blood to be pouring in out island .

    The religion sector sits idol and does nothing while pastors buying and selling vehicles with church money like its their own ! Are we sheep or a nation ?


  5. Such a wonderful and hard working family. Frank and his family I say be strong. From the B & D Construction family.


  6. If we as a people stop buying goods from these thieves, they will never stop. If somebody sells me a phone, an iPhone for example, at $500 I would say keep it. He doesn't own a shop or work at Lime or Digicel, it's obvious that it's stolen. Please stop buying hot goods from these criminals cause they might come back and steal the very same thing they just sold for you. If they want to sell hot goods, let them export it


  7. Someone saw. but is afraid to talk. There are ways to give information and remain anonymous. Call from a public phone and disguise your voice. Drop a note with the information in a public setting where it will draw attention and be read by the finder. Think of creative ways to remain anonymous. Don't live with the guilt just like the criminals.


  8. It is sad. Mrs. Fraiser was a friend and her death shocked me. Wish I could say what I know, but her killer is not far.


    • sounds like u know all about the culprits and feel its non of ur business to say but until it happens at home we not ready to come forward


    • Hi please please say what u kno!!!!! Her son is a very good friend of mine! !!! He is hurting really bad!!!! If the killers are captured he will feel a little better. .


      • I don't know how to. Mrs. Frazier and I spoke at length late last year about some very personal issues, Its breaking my heart, but am afraid. Fearful for my own life, seeing how her life was cut short. I am convinced that it was not a robbery. This is hard for me too. OMG


  9. So Sorry To Hear Of Such Evil Acts Being Committed ON Sweet StLucia. God may your blood comfort the families of this lady I pray, may they find peace and strength in you oh Lord.
    To the criminal/criminals who committed such a coward act you day is coming, trust me, when I tell you your day Is coming, you guys are evil bastards
    low life scam of the earth who destroy people's life
    the lord' vengeance will be swift if you all don't turn away from your evil ways.
    To the husband and son please take comfort that the lord will never live you nor forsake you rest in the lord. May she rest in perfect peace.




  11. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on In little SAINT LUCIA!!! Too much blood running on the island.


  12. It is time to bring back "Operation Restore Confidence". No one tells America what to do. See what is happening to our citizens since Kenny came to blame the 'last administration' and the police. The lady entered her house, she did not need permission. Now she is dead because of some idiots burglarized her house. You see "the thief(ives) come to steal, kill and destroy). What does the Human Rights people have to say. Until it happen to them, their mouths are sealed.

    I am terribly sorry for the family, everyone who know Samdai says she had a sweet personality. I hope whoever did this is cought soon


  13. So sad.A big shame.Hope they are caught sooner or later.condolences to the family and friends.


    • be not afraid the culprits will be caught and all will be shocked as to who and why? God is not asleep he sees and knows all things. Rose may not have been perfect but she did not deserve to die such a horrific death. The police will be guided by her spirit unknown to them. Her spirit is alive . They may have killed her body but her spirit still lives. The culprit will never have peace. He will learn not to mess with GOD"S CHILDREN


  14. Well I think its about time we as a country get serious about crime and criminal acts. I think we lack educated policemen and and effective police force. Instead of spending so many millions on an airport and other less important infrastructure let us as a country invest in our police force and education system. That way our young people will go into forensics and solve these crimes. Our police force rely on hear say and I see u evidence. We no longer leave in such worlds. That is why so many crimes are going unsolved. Mr. Prime minister in the few days left show us you made a difference in our country.


  15. to those ultra-religious people who do not believe in hanging I say to you an eye for an eye it's time for making our own decisions and follow our own statute book CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.
    these are ungodly people hang them !!


  16. My heart goes out to the son and husband and other relatives. I knew her well. I am in total shock up to now. Such a sweet lady. I truly believe she knew the killers. There got to be more than one. and did the tv just disappeared ? It's a big item . Had to be carried or was there a vehicle waiting? Or worst yet was it carried next door. A scary scenario for sure.
    I pray these monsters are caught and given the death penalty. Such a senseless loss. These monsters have no mother? sister ? To me not even animals would be so heartless. Taking a life because you're caught in the act. We are thinking that's what happened.
    My heart goes out to Brian. Being a police officer and that happening to your mom must be double hard. My son take heart God will come through.They will be caught I pray and soon.. Somebody must know something or I pray that they themselves talk or confess.
    Nothing is impossible with prayer! Let us be specific in our prayer. That they ,whoever they are be caught soon


    • Lady you said it all, now Brain if you get hold of them, make sure rip out their intestines, May your mom soul rest in Peace


    • There is no need to visit the "dark side" . God is light and there is no darkness in him: Remember Proverbs 11:21 "though hand in hand, the wicked shall nor be unpunished"


  17. That is so sad hope those men or man is caught and hung ,hanging should be brought back for cases like this ...


  18. in jesus name may her soul hunt dem rite now i comand and all others who haved lost there inocent lives
    let them be tormented this moment let ppl see them


  19. Those ungodly people need to realize they are not immortal i hope that when their time is up , the last breathe they take they don't think of god. Human beings behave immortal smh time is not yours


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