More leaks could discourage foreign investment says Joseph

More leaks could discourage foreign investment says Joseph

Another leaked document revealed the government has spent EC$30,000 to relocate the Economic Development Ministry office from Pointe Seraphine to the new financial building on Bridge Street, Castries.

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has expressed disappointment with this new trend, explaining that only weeks ago, the DSH agreement was also leaked and shared with the public.

The minister believes that if more government agreements are leaked and left unchecked, this could discourage foreign investors.

Joseph said the issue requires urgent attention.

“It’s not about getting to the United Workers Party (UWP) that is the issue, because I don’t think that we are doing anything in this government that cannot be out there. But what does it say about us as a people? So if an investor comes to Saint Lucia and he wants to do something, who in Saint Lucia can he trust?” Joseph questioned.

But Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre has said that this is nothing new, as it has happened in the past, when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was in government. He is calling for a full disclosure of all key documents.

“If the government has nothing to hide, the government should bring the DSH agreement to Parliament like the HESS agreement and let the parliament discuss it,” he said.

There have also been talks about having public servants disciplined for leaking government information.

“I found it rather strange coming from the minister because it is very unusual for a minister to say those things about the people they work with…Why are we behaving like this is all new?” Pierre said.

The Civil Service Association, he said, should be the ones to take note of the comments.


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  1. We need MORE leaks because that's the only way we will find out what these jackasses are intending on doing.

    NO TRANSPARANCY from neither Party.


    • Robert, having been a somewhat of a watcher of politics here and elsewhere in the world, my heart says that I wish that I could disagree with you.

      Unfortunately, being analytical and fact based in my reasoning, my brain over-rides and hence, I cannot disagree with you.

      Save and except for VERY few exceptions, to be a politician of any party requires a certain set of tripes that always inevitably come out after the the feel-good-group-hug-yay-for-change honeymoon is over.

      There's a song lyric very appropriate to this --- "See the new boss, same as the old boss."

      Who ever said "We won't get fooled again" was, in fact, themselves a fool.

      I make these observations not in a jaded way. Rather, I make them in a way that imparts that one must look at the meium term and long term in making decisions for the short term

      With each new government, independent of stripe, there rests a unique opportunity to make fact-based, informed decisions over the short through long-terms on three different levels starting from the highest --- the strategic level (long-term), the tactical level (putting things in place o get the job done), and the operational level (the proverbial 'boots on the ground', the on-street tangible and visible measure that the electorate experience that makes a difference to them in support of the tactical and strategic levels).

      Unfortunately, like many, many, jurisdictions across the world, our elected officials of both stripes have been seemingly seduced by the political equivalent of the lajablesse. In this case, the lajablesse has seduced our elected officials with the mantra of "Not In My Term of Office", NIMTO. In other words, do what is best in the short term to earn another term for the party, sometimes at the cost of the long-term sustainability and growth of our island's people, hence, its economy, and, ultimately, the future of the immensely harnessed talent of our children, who are our future.


  2. It's unfortunate that Mr. Joseph simply won't admit that it's too late --- the big money foreign direct investment (FDI) is already going elsewhere, SLU is increasingly no longer on the radar screen of FDI when there are a greater selection of higher yielding investment vehicles in the islands to the north and south of us, islands that are also know for greater social and economic stability.

    Honestly, as one example, what entity is going to be seeking to invest in a nation whose civil servants are almost exclusively paid with borrowed money?

    The signs of FDI drying up are all around us. SLU's largest banks are over-exposed on risk due to bad loans, hence the move to take-overs and moves to approach uninterested markets to re-capitalize and solidify their position. BOSL was first, who will be next. In its own efforts somewhat desperately recapitalize, the government itself is pursuing the CIP. The funds raised by CIP will not even put a dent in helping SLU service the interest costs on its borrowed money, nevermind servicing the principal owing.

    It has been said that for years and years that SLU's fiances have served as a slush fund, a piggy bank for benefits that largely accrue to elected officials and those contractors who secure government business.

    SLU will eventually default on its debt, the IMF will step in and impose strict austerity measures on an already poor population, crime will continue to rise, and social unrest will rear its ugly head.

    A good first start would be to severely cut the size of the civil service. We have *** too many passengers*** in the form of junior and long-time dead-wood legacy employees whose sole claim to fame is that they made it to school, and now have an over-inflated sense of entitlement where they believe that hey are automatically entitled to a high-paying job of limited workload, a new car, and a nice house.

    It is time for a reality check and for our nation's new leadership to make the difficult, unpopular decisions vital for the medium to long-term viability of our island.


  3. The banner headline captures Looshans' ignorance fully. It is time that more sensible people in the country stop repeating all the crap that stupid Looshans say and put that crap in the newspaper. My God. Year in and year out, it is the same darn thing?


  4. Some human beings have corruption and dishonesty so hardwired in their brains they cannot fail a lie detector test.


  5. I have heard the statement year after year that elected officials work for the people and they are the citizen's employee .The people are the Boss . But in reality, we are only a boss for a few minutes on election day. Immediately, after that we return our employee status that we have always been.Whoever forms the government,are the Boss,and we are the employee.The politician becomes our boss.They dictate to us what happens take it or leave.They hire and fire us as they wish, they determine every aspect of lives, how much our salaries is, how much taxes we pay, even how much we pay to bury our dead after we have become of no more use to them . This sounds like what bosses do.So who is the Boss?????


  6. Whilst we are on the subject of transparency and sicracy, I would like to ask guy Joseph this question. Did he guy Joseph submitted a bill , on behalf of a family member, in the sum of M$1.7 for the removal of debris after the passage of tropical storm Matthew ? That would mean that this individual cleared debris off half the landscape of st.lucia.
    it's a question and his answer would be very relevant to the taxpayers of this country.


  7. lool i cant wait for the day when half of the country will go on complete shut down because of illegal activities, LOCK THEM UP!


  8. So if leaks are okay because there is no need for the government to have "secrets" then you're saying that "leaky" police are free to tell the criminals what search warrants are to be executed that affect them, "leaky" social workers should say who are the victims of sexual assault, "leaky" hospital workers should tell the public why you had to be admitted at the hospital, "leaky" education officers should give students exam papers before exams.

    That cannot be right. Some documents by their very nature are mean to be confidential, sometimes even temporarily so as not to prejudice the final outcome. This government has only been in office for a little more than 7 months, so how long could they have been hiding anything from you that you needed to know before every step they made?


    • You have not understood the concept of Representative Government. The elected officials work for the people...employees. The people are the boss. It is the responsibility of the representative to REPORT to the public about things done in its name. During negotiations with investors there is no requiment to report. However, upon conclusion of bargaining, one would expect a report. If the elected fails to provide information, you can guess the quality of government.


      • I'm glad that you are well informed and understand it more than I do. However I have never said that the government should maliciously withhold information that they have a responsibility to disclose.

        Notwithstanding, that doesn't give an unhappy employee (whose motive we might never know) the right to secretly disclose the information. There are two issues here emanating from one action. Let me try to explain.

        When earlier this year Wikileaks for example released the 11 million documents on Mossack Fonseca, the international community made people's hidden private financial affairs public, saying who was hiding their money and where. Mossack Fonseca on the other hand called them thieves for illegally hacking their data.

        Now when Wikileaks released Clinton and DNC staffer e-mails what did the Democrats say? Who are they blaming now for the hacks?

        You have to learn how to accept the message and still vilify the messenger. That's the difference between you and I. I can do both!!!


    • So taxpayers are billed $30,000.00 for moving furniture less than a quarter mile distance and that should be kept confidential ? Or are you saying that the taxpayers were so grossly over charged, that this should be kept a secret to avoid the embarrassment ?


      • I'm simply saying two wrongs don't make a right. A wise man will embrace the truth and criticize the government when it's appropriate and just but will also not glorify the employee who acted surreptitiously outside of his authority. You cannot say an employee has a contractual or legal right to disclose information that doesn't fit his job description. You have to be able to separate the issues, and most of you readers and writers are really and truly very poor at that.


      • Pray tell me how do you propose a government could tell you what it spends every day and on what? Over the radio, television, magazines, every day or week or month? There is a Finance act and regulations that direct how government can award contracts. There is also the Leader of the Opposition who is responsible for scrutinizing government expenditure as he has oversight authority over pubic finances. If the $30,000 is excessive then let him investigate and give you the details. He too should not keep it a secret. You can further ask him what does the law say about when the Minister of Finance is supposed to tell you where all the Ministries have spent their budgetary allocations, for what time periods and how often.
        Everything is exponentially bigger than your "little" mind can fathom, remember that.


  9. If people want to know all what goes on in Government, why don't they lobby, protest or whatever to have a Freedom of Information ACT? The ACT is there and was passed by a former UWP administration since 2007 but has not been given assent. Ignorance is Bliss I tell you.

    Do that St. Lucia and let us stop this politics nonsense, because as it stands now Guy is right. Don't make a moron of yourself and make them give effect to the damn ACT.

    Stop POOOOPING the place where you all eating and doing business!!!! Soon the whole place will be SMEEEEELING!!!


  10. I hope that many people are not like Philip J. Pierre who thinks that once something is not new or common in St. Lucia that it is right. Is that the kind of reasoning that an aspiring leader should pursue? Do you feel comfortable knowing that your leader thinks that you suffering, without basic services, is nothing new, so can just be brushed aside? Crime in St. Lucia is nothing new, but does that make it right Mr. P.J.P.?


  11. I think the majority of the intelligent people can make better decisions about such occurrences. Two issues come to light, one is a political one and the other is a reasoned and analytical one.

    The first political: To be fair the UWP has always been consistent on issue of leakages within the Public Service and is echoed in this present statement by Guy Joseph. We have heard Kenny Anthony made at least two statements, one coming from both sides of his mouth, one as Kenny and the other as Tony. When Kenny Anthony was PM he made a similar statement and even went as far as dismantling GIS and repositioning government mouth pieces, gate keepers disguised under the NICE program to stifle or intercept all matters of leakages. People were afraid to give out even basic information.

    Alternatively when Kenny Anthony found himself in opposition (during the King administration), the government faced an uncontrollable stream of document leakages. Almost on a daily basis documents appeared in the media on even the most benign of issues. His famous message while opposition leader was "the Civil Servants are fed up with what is going on this is why they leak these documents to me." I am sure that everyone remembers these assertions publicly made by KDA.

    Now to address the issue, Guy Joseph is right. There are checks and balances in our system which counteracts a Government acting in contempt towards its people. If we as a people observe the law there will be no need for a Civil Servant to think that he should break his secrecy oaths which is in itself illegal. I say this not only to politicians but to the Civil Servants who would themselves are the facilitators if any corruption has to occur. The main reasons for Civil Servants leaking documents is never about love for country and is only about love for party, and you would be kidding yourself in trying to convince yourself otherwise.

    I think the main reason for our failure is that we cannot admit that we have a problem (just like an addict) therefore we can never fix the problems. Politics prevents us from admitting we have a problem because of the urge to make our adversaries look more guilty than ourselves. For instance both parties claim that they do not pay people to vote, however all the people know that both sides paying people is a common feature of elections from inception. If it is not in cash , it is in the form of contracts or in both. Yet still everybody defends their party while accusing the other. We know there is a problem however we are preventing ourselves from passing a CAMPAIGN FINANCING legislation. We know that there is widespread corruption among public officials so why don't we pass an ANTI-CORRUPTION act?

    This typifies the life of St. Lucian society. They know the problem, they know what has to be done, however there is so much indifference to crime and law aversion nobody wants to do anything just to facilitate themselves when their turn comes.

    For all those who hide behind their computers whole day spreading fake news , propaganda, shredding the country to pieces for political purposes, there will be a terrible price to pay. Remember Arab Spring, Crisis in Greece, all those tragedies have avoided us for sometime. However, we must recognize that there is a whole new generation who does not understand party loyalty and all these superficial social constructs. They understand the world as one village and they are observing how we carry on the management of their lives and their future.

    The subversive political minds who hide behind computers will be observed in giving this post a thumbs down. However you wont be able to say that you never heard the message.


  12. Sir! It's only a leak if you are hiding something. How come is a leak if all is tranparent. Foreign investors needs to care about a Transparent government who can look out for the interest of the people. When they invest they will be affected by all that is happening on the island so it must be their interest too.


  13. I dont agree with this joseph guy........ he is not for the citizens of the country. He is afraid of loosing foreign investors but don't bother about how the local feels. Why is it the dsl deal got sign and the public was not aware and u feel like that should not have leak out. The poor man would only know when the investors had their fence build restricting them access from the land they are use to and the beach. Why is it gov is not trying to build its own ppl. Not against investors but give ur ppl priority.


  14. EC$30,000 to relocate the Economic Development Ministry office from Pointe Seraphine to the new financial building on Bridge Street, Castries. (That is about a Mile). Do you know that there are private contracted workers that has been working for Government from September until December and has not been paid as yet ? But these guys can find money to squander when they need to.And we the citizen should not know about their deeds of corruption.


  15. Isnt it the shoe is on the other foot Guy is crying foul. Such wonder why we need to worry about these guys. They promised transparency and openess....fed us a few tidbits of news to represent their openness, then tries very hard to hide details of the biggest deal in our countries history. Where is the outcry from those critiquing the past administration on the same issue of openess. We need to stop dwelling on the past. The buck stops with this group. As I have stated before...Chac history as tourism minister was not productive. I see history repeating itself with this Jazz debacle.


  16. Sadly, some of those politicians don't realize that they are employed by the people. They work and report to the people. They are not kings and queens even though it's their belief. How sad, this guy thinks that he is some sort of a demigod. Are the people to dumb to sort it out, hence they are irrelevant?


  17. Come next year Allen needs to reshuffle his cabinet and put Guy Joseph in charge of the ministry of social transformation where there is a smaller budget. He loves hanging around big budget ministries.


  18. Allen had better be careful with this GUY . He Allen didn't win the election with this GUY'S help but rather with Kenny's help. He was just the comedian on the platform. That job could have been done using twenty men @ $200.00 per day plus trucks @ $250.00 per trip plus lunch and dinner for each man for the day. Do the math. It is cheaper to ship the future of three four bedroom houses from England to st.lucia . For the last seven months, this GUY has been involved in too much controversy.


  19. the time has come HOPEFULLY when the untouchables in this country will come face to face with justice, they are on both slp and uwp, and its time to LOCK THEM UP! Make Saint Lucia Great Again!