More jobs for Saint Lucians

More jobs for Saint Lucians

PRESS RELEASE – Fifty two (52) more Saint Lucians have received employment through the Government supported Cruise Ship Employment Programme.

On Thursday, July 9, 2015, thirty one (31) students from the Springboard Training and Development Centre were interviewed by representatives of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Thirty (30) were successful and were offered skilled positions on the Cruise Ship. During the week before, twenty six (26) students were interviewed. Twenty two (22) were successful and are currently preparing to take up employment on Carnival Cruise Lines.

Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is exceedingly pleased by the latest news from Springboard. Dr. Anthony says every single job that is created counts in this difficult environment. The Prime Minister said,

“I am elated that another Government supported Programme is bearing fruit. When the Cruise Ship Employment Programme was introduced in the 2013/2014 Budget, the Opposition went on an elaborate campaign to discredit the Programme and planted fear in the minds of Saint Lucians. I recall an article in one of the local newspapers and an interview by Allen Chastanet, casting doubt and suggesting that no such agreement existed with Carnival Cruise Lines.

I am advised that 420 Saint Lucians have gained jobs on Carnival Cruises since the commencement of this Programme. In 2015 alone, 160 young people have been offered jobs with Carnival Cruises.

The officials at Springboard have advised that approximately 130 more young people will be trained and employed under this Programme by December 2015.

Job creation remains a priority for the Government. Hence the Government’s focus on such programmes and other initiatives such as NICE.

I wish to congratulate the Springboard Training and Development Centre and their partners, as well as all the young people who have been given an opportunity to work with Carnival.”

The Prime Minister disclosed that the Government will also work closely with MAMPA, another agency recruiting Saint Lucians to work on cruise ships, to expand access and opportunities for employment.

Springboard Training and Development Centre continues to train young people for skilled positions with Carnival Cruise Lines. The Centre can be reached at 450-0198.

MAMPA can also be contacted at 451-6163.


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  1. Can the st Lucian government please consult with the Barbadian government to see what it is they are doing to develop so well. Because obviously we are missing something. As i can recall a one point St. Lucia was doing fairly better than Barbados economically. what the heck happened???


  2. Great news however please ensure that they are given good benefits because i know a few persons working on some of these cruise lines and they describe it as pure slavery. Zero off days and growling hours. work from Sunday to Monday. So if possible do whatever is in your power to ensure their well being. But good Job!


  3. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking the government has the responsibility to do this and to do that for us. To a certain extent they do but we to have to help ourselves. If the government have to assist every individual in their proposal it not have the finances to fund to fund the essential services. So before we go about criticising the government for not doing this or not doing that and when it does it is never enough walk your mile. For example take the mongo that is spoiling, like some Bajans have done, and make something with it. If you are to wait on government for everything that you need that wait will be forever.


  4. There are so many opportunities right here in saint lucia.... Its right under our nose but we play blind to it. Factories are to me one of the main thing to push our country forward.... Look at all these fruits we have wasting here.... Jamaica is actually using their own resources and turn it into revenue for themselves.... Saint lucia will always be behind cause all we concerned about is rum,money,sex and drugs....


  5. All the ppl giving Bad comments. Pay chew zot!
    Give some credit even though is 52 ppl only that got jobs. If they wasn't giving anyone the jobs nd yall hear about the cruise ship vacancies yall would say they not trying to give ppl the opportunity to get those jobs. Everything takes time. One step at a time. Sometimes the same ppl working out there decide to open up a business in Saint Lucia


  6. I agree with hear mate. There are Nuff buildings fir that. Look around mango spoiling. Barbados er av no mangoes yet they producing mango juice. But anyway happy for those who got a job.


  7. So 53 more lucians cutting kane sorry i mean slaving no sorry i mean working on a cruise ship seeing endless hell n abuse why cant we open up factories we have endless fruits down here coco nuts etc but no am sorry its 2015 is diplomas n big coat n tie


  8. While I am pleased for any form of employment that comes the way of our unemployed youth, I don't think the PM should be so elated about the cruise ship sector being the primary source of employment for our youth - especially the educated ones.

    Our youth primarily get involved in menial tasks on those cruise ships and do not acquire any significant skill/s. The government therefore needs to invest more in providing our youth with the skills necessary to attract foreign investment or investors. FDI is what is needed to grow this sluggish economy.


  9. I wish for more business to be built here so that our people don't have to leave their family.
    I have a couple of friends who went on the cruise ship to work and the treatment by management on the ship is not nice. They look down on you. When I think of it is like slavery. They don't make you feel comfortable to work. So to leave your island and work in these condition is not always a better roses.


  10. our country is still not being developed in no way with these new jobs they talk about thats Shitt!!!!........lmao kixx people lol..i guess for now this thread remains free from bad comments


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