More intelligence needed to recover illicit weapons – Lacobiniere

More intelligence needed to recover illicit weapons – Lacobiniere
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.

The importation of illegal firearms into the country continue to be a major issue for law enforcement officials and is mostly linked to the drug trade, National Security Minister Victor Lacobiniere has disclosed.

Lacobiniere believes there needs to be more targeted intelligence to recover illegal weapons, something he admits the police has not been too successful at doing.

“I continue to say to the Commissioner of Police and previous Commissioners that we are aware that they are high powered weapons in the country and there has to be a more targeted intelligence driven plan to recover these weapons,” he asserted.

The minister said while he believes the police are doing what they can, there is a dire need for more intelligence driven operations, international cooperation, and a build up of more local and special intelligence.

“The substance of the problem comes with the drug trade. With every shipment of drugs that comes into the country and sometimes transits through the country, we have the opportunity for firearms coming in,” he explained.

Lacobiniere said some of these weapons even come through the normal ports, because the country lacks a very comprehensive system of screening.

“And I say a very comprehensive system of screening, because if you notice, we do not have the kind of heightened electronic screening that you would have,” he remarked.

But if the government were to increase surveillance at various ports of entry, it could be a very expensive undertaking to purchase x-ray machines to check each container.

“The government continues to do what it can for law enforcement, to try to interdict,” Lacobiniere noted.


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  1. Expensive roads, expensive bridges, expensive lawyers, expensive square and you are saying it is (too) expensive to secure the people? Ridiculous! Over 15 years ago I knew that intelligence is the key to gun solution. Where have you been as my Minister of Justice? "


  2. But drugs and guns is very old and well documented police information. La Corbs himself said that many years ago and so why is he still repeating that. In this his second term as Minister of National Security he should by now have had a full law enforcement plan already in action as that is what he is drawing tax payers money for. Murder after murder and not a peep from him.

    That minister is now the offcial minister of excuses as he has them lined up for every failed aspect of his collapsed ministry. He should stop running after Mary Francis, the DPP and the three little fellers exercising their democratic right for peaceful protest in Constitution Park and do his work.

    If he had resolved IMPACS by now he would get help from the American Governmnet. Maybe all the money his governmnet wasting, bridge for 3 million costing double and all of the excess political consultant appointments could bring in money for government. Do the maths La Corbs and do yur work and stop crying and whining. Earn yur keep


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