Stop claiming my projects: Montoute to Hippolyte

Stop claiming my projects: Montoute to Hippolyte
Lenard 'Spider' Montoute
Lenard 'Spider' Montoute
Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute

PRESS RELEASE – The United Workers Party Gros-Islet constituency branch is  calling on the Ms. Emma Hippolyte to desist from claiming projects that were done under Lenard Spider Montoute’s stewardship.

Ms. Hipppolye listed, in a very disappointing account of what she had done, two projects that were accomplished by Mr. Montoute. Cutting the ribbons to open the Gros islet Preschool and the Gros Islet Market and Council Office does not entitle her to lay claim to them.

The fact is what she claims to have achieved over the past four and a half years is less than what Mr. Montoute accomplished in any year of his tenure. Her desperate rush to block pot holes at this eleventh hour will be seen by the constituents for what it truly is

We concur with many of the residents of Gros Islet, her supporters included, that Ms. Hippolyte is by far the worst parliamentary representative that Gros Islet has had since independence. She has been sleep walking for four and a half years.

Her disconnection of the WIFI and shutting down of ICT centres that were put in place in several communities throughout the constituency and her failure to account for the computers are memorable for the wrong reason. Her failure to maintain the parks of the constituency and to continue the many programmes and projects set up for the benefit of residents will not be forgotten.

Further as a Minister of Commerce she will be remembered for the Lambirds Scandal and the many raids on her office by police in what was a new low for St. Lucia. Ms. Hippolyte squandered St. Lucia’s once impressive standing as a place for doing business.

We are in agreement with Ms. Hippolyte on the point that last minute acts of desperation will hurt and not help her cause. They will in fact simply highlight her non-performance throughout the four and a half years.


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  1. Stop running your mouth uselessly Spider. Whatever you do whatever you say is on record and no one can take that away from you. So there is no need to say Emma is stealing your thunder. We know very well if she lying or not.


  2. Both Spider and Emma are disgusting politically and a big turn off. All that liedayea over tax payers money and who did this and who did that. I am voting but none of you should expect my vote. choops with the liedayea!!!!


  3. All government projects belong to the people in Saint Lucia. Stop thinking about yourselves. Stop the arrogance. We have too mAny important challenges to deal with. Stop trying to distract us with drama. How will you decrease unemployment, improve health care, decrease crime, improve laws, invest in sports, help the youth, assist the poor to help themselves, make education more accessible and affordable, improve international relations. Governance is more than a few projects. How will you govern to make Saint Lucia better.


  4. whoever wins the next election:
    at moment we have a situation where millions of dollars are drained out by tele companys with internet payments.
    Why can government not install big Wifi antennas all over the country on all public buildings (hospitas,offices,schools,police stations....) and supply the public with free internet connections in range? The money what the public spend with pay for their connections should stay in the country and could be spend otherwise.
    Also lots of students have received laptops but lots of them have no internet access, therefore the use is very limited.
    Hopefully the next government will think about it.


  5. What projects Montoute? Didnt the people of Gros islet elect you all to work? What does building concrete walls all over the place have to do with the need for jobs which is what the people of Gros islet need.
    Time to stop the nonsense because no one should vote for you or any other politicians on the basis of building monuments that do not provide jobs. Shane on you and those like u. Pathetic, empty and in considerate of the people you wish to represent.


  6. If Emma is claiming the Gros Islet market that's an absolute lie.
    The market was completed and opened indey Mr Montoute and Emma should know that.
    What she had to do was ay least finish the human resource centre that Mr. Montoute started. Evidently that she is unable to accomplish. But Mr. Montoute will finish it


  7. the Gros Islet market is a total failure and misconcept, the Concil Office where people have to claim that high stairway to go to the office is a nightmare for older people !!!
    The Office should be on the ground floor and not high up. people think a little more before you planning something.


    • who claim the credit he have to swallow the blame.
      or maybe the building is only designed for youth visitors and the elderly should only visit the church and the cemetery???


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