Montoute called upon to address overcrowding at Gros Islet cemetery

Montoute called upon to address overcrowding at Gros Islet cemetery
A cemetery in St. Lucia.
A cemetery in St.

(PRESS RELEASE) – With time running out to identify new burial plots at the existing Gros Islet Cemetery, where it is increasingly difficult for the people of Gros Islet to bury their dead with dignity, Therold Prudent, the leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), is calling upon Lenard Montoute, the parliamentary representative of Gros Islet, to pay greater attention to the constituency which he purports to represent in parliament.

In sounding the alarm bells for expediency in addressing the situation, Mr. Prudent points to an ongoing practice whereby new bodies are sometimes buried on top of existing ones in shallow graves, which does not conform to the traditional or lawful specifications for burial.

The LPM leader is also worried about the health implications for nearby residents, who are forced to deal with the stench of decomposing bodies, along with any future catastrophe which may befall the community of Gros Islet in the event that heavy rains produce mass flooding.

Therefore, given the urgency of the moment, Mr. Prudent is calling Mr. Montoute to outline his plans for the expansion of the Gros Islet Cemetery and, if not, to offer the people of Gros Islet a credible explanation or a plan for a new cemetery, which should have been commissioned during his first tenor as the parliamentary representative for Gros Islet (2006–2011).



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  1. The next best option is to encourage cremation. Cremation is less tedious, and cuts down on unnecessary expenses. Cremation is also environmentally friendly (yes, it is!). The funeral homes should really encourage this age old custom (many cultures on this planet, cremate their dead!!). This custom will take a while to take a foothold in St Lucia, especially among the younger generation, who are in the "live in the fast lane" of life. I know a lot of readers are stuck in the burial tradition ... but change is inevitable; look out.


  2. Sharon you touched on something I've been hinting on a long time. Personally I would prefer
    that this body in which I reside in, would be cremated rather than buried, but my immediate
    family object. When I'm gone from this Earth, only the body stays behind; my Soul lives on.
    I would prefer that no Tomb Stone be erected to immortalize me, though I have a good story
    to tell. I say, " let the dead bury the dead " it is not for me to say that my body will rise again.


  3. I really don't have time for Prudent but the first paragraph ends "to pay greater attention to the constituency which he purports to represent in parliament." That I agree with, Mr Montoute seems to be the rep for Gros Islet in name only? Hmm!


    • SLP has never been POSITIVELY proactive group with very few exceptions. One good one was the buying of the emergency temporary BRIDGES.

      It is not surprising then, that the past SLP had absolutely no feel for the requiring of the bursting population in the north. With the everlasting life pill yet to be discovered, she failed to prepare the growth in the population. People live. People die. Where was SLP on that?

      They were ... DEAD on arrival.


    • Who is your current representative ? Emma or Montoute ? Does the one term that Emma Spent in office surpass the more than 6 years that Montoutr has served? This is not something that requires pettiness. It requires the current holder of that office to say whether he is in tune with what's happening.
      I am with Mr Prudent on that and guess what , I voted for Montoute .


      • This is your problem. To whom much is given, when you boast of superior intellect and credentials, much is expected. So don't come here as a regular apologist for failure. The MO of the SLP has simply been to engage and to overwhelmingly concentrate on projects that would look good in time for the next elections. It is, like now always about winning the next elections. When this fails spectacularly, what happens? They lose their seats. You just have to beg yourself to stop drinking the STEP Kool Aid to reason things out. Then things will become surprisingly clearer to you.


  4. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

    – 3 John 1: 4


    • An attack my arse ? Tell me why Prudent should not go after Spider for neglecting the cemetery ? Has Spider been kind to anyone but himself?
      What Prudent did here is called civic responsibility.
      Hats off to you man,


  5. Mr Prudent is not only one who is concerned a lot of us who live up north are too. Don't tell me that for years this cemetery have been there and no one in high office saw the problem coming. This just speaks to the low level of planning.
    These politicians are quick to attend every damn funeral they even cleverly arrive in church late so everyone can see when they are coming in. Yet you mean to tell me that the same cemetery they visit often does not indicate to them that something is wrong?
    Why do these people like to waste our time.


  6. I know that the mr.Therold Prudent means well,but we i am not for burials of dead bodies,you'll take up all the God given land that jesus gave us to bury dead people when people need housing and homes.If i had the choice there would be no burials,only cremation.You'll soon dont have no land to live on because the dead will consume all the land.So you'll better think St.lucia Respect the land and take it very seriously for each and every generation.


    • Sharon you see you just shut up, don't say nothing again... be quiet. Not everyone wants their love ones to be cremated. How you gonna dictate to people that their must cremate? Some people don't believe in cremation. smh


      • I support her dictatorship (whoever the "Sharon" is). Her comments makes sense to me. Word to "Sharon" - your dictatorship is prudent (pun intended) where cremation is concerned.


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