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Monroe College offering more scholarships to St. Lucians

By Monroe College

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PRESS RELEASE – Monroe College is again offering the Government of St. Lucia sixteen (16) partial academic scholarships. The scholarships will cover the cost of tuition and are tenable at the Monroe College, St. Lucia Campus.

Director of Administration, Mr. Gus Small, says the scholarships are part of Monroe College’s ongoing efforts to fulfill its mandate as a “Partner in Education” for the advancement of the people of St. Lucia.

He added: “Monroe College wishes to assist the Government of St. Lucia in whatever way possible, in its vision for providing St. Lucian nationals with increased access to higher education opportunities.”

This is the eighth consecutive year that Monroe College has offered such scholarships to the Government of St. Lucia and are granted to new students registering to complete a bachelor’s degree at Monroe College.

The scholarships will be granted based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Education of St. Lucia. The scholarships are offered by Monroe College, St. Lucia Campus, with the following stipulations:

• The scholarships cover tuition cost only but do not include the cost of books or any other expenses.
• Scholarships are not transferrable and can only be used by the awardees.
• Scholarships awardees must meet the College’s admission requirements.
• While attending Monroe College, an awardee is required to maintain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.
• Awardees agree to adhere and abide to all the rules and policies as outlined in the current school’s catalogue and/or Student Handbook.

Additional information about these scholarships are available through the office of the Permanent Secretary or the Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education.

Monroe College offers Certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs and also has campuses in the Bronx and New Rochelle in New York.

Programs are offered through the Schools of Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Nursing, Education, Business & Accounting, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, and Allied Health, as well as through its liberal arts and continuing education programs, and King Graduate School. For more information about Monroe College and admissions criteria, please visit

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  1. I like to be a student in your school because of the good academic performance

  2. Where are you going to fill that gap? At Monroe? After that where are you going to work? In St. Lucia Civil Service I presume? Useless qualifications. What gives Gus Small any qualifications to run a school which offers Masters degrees? I thought Universities had heads of departments, Chancellors etc., and such institutions were teaching institutions with professors, PhDs, etc whos academic backgrounds can stand to international scrutiny. At the moment even UWI is struggling to maintain its academic integrity. When you have people like our former PM alleging publicly that anything that comes from or happens at UWI he has the privilege of knowing before it happens. This opens up a whole new speculative perspective on the operations of UWI when one considers that the Former PM's wife is head of department. When we also take into context the political entanglement of heads of departments with political parties with reference to persons such as Tennyson Joseph then we can fathom just how easy we can bring such esteemed institutions into disrepute.

    Too much politics involved in controlling dependent rocks in the Caribbean Sea.

    • Your complaint is quite legitimate. You have alluded to the insidious and "incestuous" dysfunctional relationships. However, this reflects the insularity with which we in Saint Lucia are cursed. We always fail to see "the big picture."

      If you look very closely at the productivity of those emerging out of UWI as graduates, and even lecturers, outside their academic settings from UWI, you will of course recognize a very shocking but unpalatable truth.

      UWI, like a certain ex-PM has lost its way.

      UWI today is a major component of our growing underDEVELOPMENT. This has been this for a very long time now -- perhaps ever since that time our very own Sir Arthur Lewis left that institution.

      Monroe's course offerings undergirds the "make-do" and makeshift "get a degree for a cushy government job" attitude.

      It will take mission and vision from a very nationalistic and narrow perspective to have higher education fulfill its higher purpose regarding our very own national goals.

  3. I am fourty with no formal education and desperately wanting a career in journalism. I'm also quite experienced in that field.How ever,to take the communication and journalism course at monroe i need all five subjects,could someone please ditect me as to,where do we get GED classes in st.lucia or how do i get started towards my career?

  4. Am David vincent finished form six this year intend to have a scholarship in your college for the faculty of medical doctor (MD)

  5. I hope the Ministry of Education asks for 1) Engineering (Give MUNROE a tax incentive for this), 2) Risk Management, 3) Business Analytics, 4) Forensic Accounting, 5) Cyber Security 6) Business Psychology, 7) Operations Management, & 8) International Business Management at the top areas in the education gap to be filled.


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