Mongstar releases “Lanmou”

Mongstar releases “Lanmou”

– Saint Lucian soca artiste Marley “Mongstar” James has released a new single entitled “Lanmou”, which in his native Creole means love.

Written by Marley James, “Lanmou” is featured on the Heights Music Production Swawe Riddim and is produced, mixed and mastered by Francis “Leebo” De Lima. Legendary and award winning Saint Lucian singer/songwriter Ronald “Boo” Hinkson was also present during the recording session for the single, lending his expertise to the process.

More than 99% of “Lanmou” is in Creole and speaks of celebrating our French heritage in dance, song and food as is done every October when islands like Saint Lucia observe Creole Heritage Month.

Mongstar is very pleased with “Lanmou” – a song he describes as a “French Kiss for the girls.”

“I have a lot of fans in the French territories and I wanted to do a song with them in mind. I really want “Lanmou” to not just be a Creole song for October, but to go beyond our shores to countries where Creole is an everyday part of life.”

Mongstar who resigned from Saint Lucian record label Stratosphere Muzic in October 2014 is looking ahead to the next phase in his career. That includes working with a number of producers on material for Saint Lucia Carnival 2015.

“The possibilities are endless and I am really looking forward to the future. Being able to work with different producers like Leebo and seeing where my music can go, the range of songs I can do and what I can bring to my fans has me focused and working hard,” he says.

Mongstar supporters can follow the artiste through his Facebook page,

“Lanmou” is also available for purchase on iTunes.


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