Monchy stab victim says her boyfriend was ‘very insecure’

Monchy stab victim says her boyfriend was ‘very insecure’
Davia Michelle Hypolite

A woman who was stabbed several times in the back by her boyfriend, who she shared a relationship with for over one year, said he was very abusive and insecure.

Davia Michelle Hypolite, 19, who spoke with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) from her hospital bed today (Thursday) said that she was about the end the relationship when she was attacked.

“I told him, it not making any sense to be in an abusive relationship and we both have to go our separate ways. And he told me if he don’t have me, nobody can have me,” she said.

Hypolite recalled that she and her now dead boyfriend, Nathan Chassang, had an alteration on Saturday (April 16) when she decided not to return home with him, but instead sleep over at her cousin.

When she got home the next day, Hypolite said Chassang apologized to her and said everything will be ok. He also took blame for the fight they had. However, on Wednesday, when she decided to confront him about the constant abuse and tell him that they should end their relationship, he attacked her.

“When I turned my back heading towards the room, I felt the first stab in my back. I tried to rush through the back door and he held me. He was going for my belly, but I gave him my back,” she recounted.

The Monchy woman was stabbed four times in the back. A knife was used to stab her the first time, while a pair of scissors was used to stab her three other times.

“I tried to escape, but he placed his hands on my throat. When I couldn’t breathe anymore, I pretended to be dead. He held my hands…he brought it up and drop it, and said oh shucks she is dead.”

The woman was left on the bleeding. But people went to her assistance minutes later. She was taken to hospital around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Hypolite told SNO that she was being abused from day one of the relationship and kept it a secret. And even when her relatives found out about the abuse, she denied it.

“What can I say? I don’t like speaking to people because when you go and tell them something, they would go back and tell. I’m not that type of person. I rather be secretive and that’s it,” she told SNO.

Chassang, 33, died this morning at the Victoria Hospital. He was taken to hospital on Wednesday after consuming a poisonous substance, following the stabbing incident.

The victim's injuries
The victim’s injuries

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  1. Any man who hits a woman deserves to die. I am glad he did it himself. Rest in peace. End of story!
    To the woman- if that stab wound had kill you, these same dirty people would be saying he shouldnt have killed her. I am glad he killed himself. One less woman for him to stab. Hope they bury him deep. I not insensitive but some criminals need to get wipe off this earth.


  2. Rip Shawn I know you came from a great and loving family however that girl was just not the right person for you. Hope she doesn't cause the same to her next partner.


  3. To the young guys out there please, please the p**** is NEVER yours. It's just your turn. Stop doing shit with yourselves. Even if you "buy" a woman you can never own her. Let her go the one you'll meet after will be ten times better.
    It would be interesting to learn about the home that guy came from. Abusive perhaps? That's learned behavior albeit from a child to now and nothing in our education system guides us differently.


  4. My dear, you are a brave young woman and I think you should use ur experience to advocate to the many other persons who are in abusive relationships. Never mind what ppl are certainly not to be blamed for this coward's actions. Clearly he came into this relationship with his issues and u did the right thing trying to get out. BRAVO TO YOU!


  5. Big man like you were robbing the cradle by being with a 19 year old. Most older men tend to feel insecure when they get involved with teenagers.


    yes he was insecure but you caused him to be that way
    I'm not saying what he did was right but my girl we will all meet on the very special day judgment day


  7. When someone wants to walk away from you , let them. I know it's not easy , i know how painful it is, but your destiny isn't tied to the one who left you, It simply means that they were never meant to be together in the first place, we all see the signs when a relationship isn't going to work , Yet we sit and wait for maybe "Divine Intervention", while we get cheated on, abused, insulted etc... Why stay in a relationship with someone who doesn't love you and doesn't want to be with you. People need to start coming to terms with that reality. Let go and move on!

    We have choices and her choice was to walk away ,he probably wasn't strong enough to accept it, now he's gone, He thought he had killed her, that's why he took his life... but God had another plan for her... if it was her time to be dead, she would be dead, The enemy wants to claim lives and he indeed claimed a young life. Praying for my Nation... sigh...


  8. regardless if it have fifty more sides he just stupid walk away he wanted to die,time to move on with your life girl


  9. Good riddens to bad rubbish! I'm glad you are alive to give your account of what happened. People tend to keep victim blaming. Sweetie you are not the victim! You are strong and do hope that you are able to get the necessary help and support that you need to get through this situation.


  10. A jumbie you be...u were the one who caused his death its on you...because u women don't have no heart


    • You are obviously an idiot , how can you justify that guy abusing this girl and trying to take her life. He stabbed her multiple times and tried to take her life,if she didn't pretend to be dead she would be dead. You must suffering from brain damage to say such a thing. She did take his life he did its not on her its all on him.


  11. Rip shawn

    Note from SNO: I read your comment. I would like to get the other side of the story. If you have a number for the man's relatives, please Whatsapp or call 285-2361. Thanks


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