Moncherry resumes top cop duties

Moncherry resumes top cop duties
Severin Moncherry (left) and Milton Desir at a police town hall meeting in Belle Vue in 2017..
Severin Moncherry (left) and Milton Desir at a police town hall meeting in Belle Vue. * File photo

Severin Moncherry has resumed as Commissioner of Police effective Monday, Sept. 4, 2017 after being on vacation leave for eight months.

Moncherry was appointed Commissioner of Police on April 1, 2016, taking over from Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.

Milton Desir returns to his substantive position as the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

It was also disclosed that Sgt. 86 Elvis Thomas is the new officer in charge of the Press Relations Office, effective Monday, Sept. 4, 2017.


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  1. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    Then there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels.

    – Revelation 12: 7


  2. Eight months? I'm assuming that this was accrued vacation over a period of time including time before being appointed as Commissioner. It is very unlikely that he acquired such leave while holding the top post. My question here is, was he paid his full commissioner's salary during his vacation, since the vacation period dated way back before he became police commissioner? Just asking?


    • good question. but doesnt really matter. because its the time he took it. so i guess yes, he is being paid per this salary. as when he is to retire he would be mandated to take it.
      but your question is valid on some merits. as if it was accrued over time, it wasnt earned at that grade of comissioner.


  3. What has he done so far. He has spent more time on vacation than he has worked in his new position. Crime is steadily rising. I thought by now he and Hermangil would have had something in place. Well it's missing one blind mice to make it three.


    • no you right. Milton, Moncherry and Hermangild.
      three blind mice. very disappointed in this minister.expected way more. I think there are many other more able persons who can fill this post instead. Yes he sang for his ministry, but he hasnt proven himself


  4. Monchery has spent 8 out of 12 months on vacation since his appointment. What has he done in the 4months? That's ridiculous, he has done nothing but warmup a chair for 4 months then goes on vacation fot 8 months. Maybe the RSLPF needs to be privatized.


  5. This guy has been on leave way more than two months, I think Desir should take the position because he will go back on leave soon. Mr. Desir has been an excellent job in his absence.


      • When someone takes up a new position, he is expected to perform and prove himself and near the completion of the assignment he can take leave and take classes but I never seen it done the other way around, this is like putting the cart before the horse.
        Poor leadership!


    • You say DESIR has done an Excellent JOB ee. Did you hear this Desir sound sure and certain in any one interview he has done. The guy seems lost on the law, and on policing, and let's not mention lost on the english language. I rest my case


  6. at a time of a record breaking homicide count where was the captain to give some form of direction to the force and consolation to citizens. On holiday! Already an invisible ACP crime. Are we really serious?


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