RESULTS: Mon Repos Domino Masters Club – 4 Hand Domino Rama Finals

RESULTS: Mon Repos Domino Masters Club – 4 Hand Domino Rama Finals

PRESS RELEASE – After forty (40) competitive days and sixteen (16) gladiatorial qualifying rounds, the Fifth Annual Mon Repos Domino Masters Club “4 Hand Domino Rama” concluded with the Grand Finals Monday, April 6th 2015 at the Mon Repos Community Centre.

The event was sponsored by The National Lotteries Authorities of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Peter&Company, Smirnoff Ice; the Mon Repos Domino Masters Club and the Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union.

The day began with thirty two (32) finalists having booked their names to vie for a $6000.00 purse, by the start of the first round, only twenty nine (29) players reported to play. This meant that a lucky looser would have a second chance to the secure a place at the final table having failed at the first chance.

2:45 pm Round one commenced with seven tables – 28 players – playing a best of three series with the winners advancing to the quarter finals. Former champions of the tournament as well as returning finalist would fall victim to a cut-throat play that saw many first time finalist easily dispatch supposed masters of the game living the only female to survive the onslaught and book her way to the quarterfinals.

The Quarter finals, required a “lucky looser” from the first round to fill make up the sixteenth spot as only 29 player out of 32 registered finalist, showed up for the finals. Alex Joseph who was easily dispatched in the first round, jumped in a frenzy when his number was called as the “lucky looser” – the sixteenth (16th) player – who would get a second crack at the grand prize.

4:00 pm, best of five (5) series quarterfinals, table pairings were announced. The quarterfinals stage would present a much greater challenge, the atmosphere was very vociferous in comparison to the tepid first round. Players were determined not to be resigned to a spectator. The crowd spurred on their favourite pairs and cheered them on when a game was won. Sarah Joseph in spite of being the lone female in the finals, proved to be the most difficult and underestimated rival on the night. By 6:00 pm, the lone female and 7 other jubilant winners booked their names into the semi-finals, one step closer to the grand prize.

6:10 pm, table pairings for the semi-finals were announced and official awaited the nervy semi-finalist. Out of the 8 only 4 would battle for the $3000.00 first prize. In a best of 5 series, the pair of the lone female finalist – Sarah Joseph and her partner Travis Charlery – grinded their way to their opposition in three straight series (6-5, 6-4 and 6-5) to book her seat at the final table. Unlike, Ms. Joseph’s table, the second semi-finals table would go down to the wire in the fifth series.

7:30 pm, first place and third place tables pairing announced. Sarah Joseph pairing with first time finalist Paulinus Herman, playing against last year’s second place Travis Charlery who was paired with Innocent St. Ange. Third place pairing saw Taddius Gaston pair with his quarter finals partner Ezra Anthony against the “lucky looser” Alex Joseph and Mayor Fontenelle.

With the odds against them Sarah Joseph, the only female to qualify for the finals, her partner a newbie to the finals; seasoned player Travis Charlery and Innocent St. Ange, assumed this would have been a cake walk to the grand prize. With whistles from the female supports cheering on Sarah, the finals began.

It is said that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place, but Sarah Joseph was determined to represent the ladies, and etch her name as an equal to her male counterparts. In an awe inspiring play Sarah and Paulinus left Travis and Innocent bemused after losing the first series in the best of five (5) series. An over thinking play by Innocent and Travis gifted Sarah and Paulinus the second series. The crowd went wild when the table scores were announced. Sarah was one series (6 games) away from becoming the first person to have be crowned co-champion twice as she won the inaugural competition in 2010.

The third Series began with a colossal error by sarah and paulinus and just like that Travis and Innocent were two games up. Tied at two games in the third series, lady luck visited Sarah and Paulinus and in a heartbeat they were leading the series 5-3, only one win away from making history. Smiling through each play Sarah and Paulinus wasted no time in inflicting knocks after knocks on their opponents. By the fifth play it was clear who the champions were. In three straight Series, lightening did strike twice for Sarah as she and her partner won in three straight series to make tournament history.

The best of three series third place playoff, like the finals saw Taddius and Ezra dispatch Alex and Mayor in a two straight series.

9:00 pm, the prize given ceremony was preceded by remarks from the president of the Mon Repos Domino Masters Club Warn Augustin, followed by comments from Partner Sponsor, Perter & Co. Smirnoff Ice brand manager Derek Louis-Fernand and commendations from our Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Hon. Shawn Edwards who spoke of the growth of domino nationally and the evolution of the game to international standards that would return Saint Lucia to the echelons of the game both regionally and internationally as was evident in the past.

The Prize given ceremony began with presentations to the match referees, followed by the presentation of certificate of participation to the respective venue owners who made the tournament possible, thirdly, Sponsorship recognition presentations were made to our prize sponsor, The National Lotteries Authorities of Saint Lucia, Peter& Co. and The Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union.

Fourth place prize $400.00 was sponsored by The Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union went to Alex Joseph and Mayor Fontenelle (each player receiving $200.00).

Third Place prize $1000.00 was sponsored by The Mon Repos Dominos Masters Club went to Taddius Gaston and Ezra “Kilibwee” Anthony (each player receiving $500.00). The winners also received one (1) six-pack of Smirnoff Ice complements Peter and Company, Smirnoff Ice

Second Place Prize $1600.00 was sponsored by Peter& Co. Smirnoff Ice Vodka, went to Travis Charlery and Innocent St. Ange (each player receiving $800.00).The winners also received two (2) six-packs of Smirnoff Ice Vodka complements Peter& Co. Smirnoff Ice.

First place Prize $3000.00 was sponsored by The National Lotteries Authority of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports went to Grand PRIZE WINNERS, Sarah Joseph and Paulinus Herman (each player receiving $1500.00). The winners also received one case of Smirnoff Ice Vodka complement Peter& Co. Smirnoff Ice.

The Mon Repos Domino Masters Club would like to extend its gratitude to our Gold Sponsor, The Saint Lucia National Lotteries Authority, and Partner Sponsor The Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union for the continued support for the past years. We would also like to thank Peter& Company our Silver Sponsor for its inaugural sponsorship and participation in this wonderful Tournament.

Special thanks goes out to the sixteen bars who made the event possible extend tournament to new communities. Finally, the Mon Repos Domino Masters Club would like to say thank you to the players, the domino enthusiast and followers without whom the tournament wouldn’t have been a success. We want to thank Marshall Lammy and his Crew for the support over the past 5 years, we like to also thank Tony Cenac and his team.

We look forward to making this event better next year.


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