Moët Hennessy to Raise the Bar at Chamber Awards

Moët Hennessy to Raise the Bar at Chamber Awards
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PRESS RELEASE – Anticipation and excitement is mounting for the 2016 Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Awards to be held this Saturday January 23 at the Johnson’s center.

The night of celebration, to mark excellence in the business sector here in Saint Lucia will be ignited by no less than Moët Champagne which along with other brands from Peter & Company Distribution will surely raise the bar when it comes to such events.

“Primarily we are looking at three sort of experiences within this gala event – pre, during and after”, Akim Larcher brand manager for Moët Hennessey says. “This will give guests a unique experience besides the actual awards,” he added.

These experiences on the night will feature Barefoot and Hardy’s wines as well as De Kuyper cocktails as part of the red carpet welcome and pre event. During the awards segment, Peter & Company Distribution will also be serving Barefoot wines as well as fine dining waters such as San Pellegrino & Perrier.

For the post event and after party Peter & Company Distribution has upped the ante to deliver premium themed bars amidst a décor befitting the occasion. “We are looking at Hennessy, Johnny Walker Double Black and a number of other wines, waters and spirits including Stoli vodka to go along with all the other delectables that guests will be able to savour,” Larcher says.

Amidst it all Moët will be championed as a corporate partner. On the night, each awardee will receive a bottle of Moët and photo op. “In addition to that, we will be offering premium bottle service to corporate tables, which will be the first time this will happen,” a beaming Larcher says.

“We are hoping to raise the bar as far as the awards go because we see it as a prestigious event in line with any red carpet event ala the Oscars and so we thought the synergies between our brands and the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture awards was a perfect fit,” he added.

For Peter & Company Distribution this is not just about sponsorship of the event, it’s more like partnering with the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce to unveil a night of celebration and excellence. “The Chamber of Commerce is a valued partner to us and the business awards showcases the excellence in the business sector so for us it’s a logical and important partnership.

We are showcasing what we have and once the awards ends, it’s not the end of the partnership for us, it’s long-term. It’s about letting the members know Peter & Company is innovative, fresh, young and here to stay,” says Dexter Percil, Sales & Marketing Manager at Peter & Company Distribution.


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