Modern fishing jetties to be officially opened on Wednesday

Modern fishing jetties to be officially opened on Wednesday


PRESS RELEASE – Following the completion of two modern fishing jetties at Savannes Bay and Praslin, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Cooperatives and Rural Development and the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport are working together to make conditions even better for fishers who ply their trade at both locations.

On Wednesday, 11th May 2016, separate ceremonies will be held in both Savannes Bay and Praslin to mark the official opening of the newly completed jetties. Symbolic sod turning ceremonies will take place at the same time to mark the commencement of construction works for the improvement of supporting infrastructure for the fishers.

The Savannes Bay Ceremony will be addressed by the Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, while both ceremonies will be addressed by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Cooperatives and Rural Development Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Hon. Philip J. Pierre and the Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan, His Excellency Mr. Ray H.W. Mou.

The ministry of agriculture working with the ministry of Infrastructure determined that while the new jetties are a welcome and long overdue upgrade for both Praslin and Savannes Bay, there was also a need to improve other vital on-site facilities for the fishers who ply their trade at both locations and also for the ultimate benefit of consumers. As a result, work has commenced on increasing storage capacity, improving the fish vending stalls and installing toilet and shower facilities to improve the overall hygiene and sanitation of both areas.

The following improvements are being undertaken:

1. Retrofitting locker spaces and adding more roof coverage to allow for net mending (in the case of Savannes Bay, additional locker rooms are being added).
2. Retrofitting fisher stalls to include provision for water and electricity to create a more hygienic atmosphere for the sale of fresh fish.
3. Adding washrooms, equipped with showers, along with male and female toilets and urinals.
4. Resurfacing of roads at both sites to allow for proper circulation of vehicular traffic.


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  1. We would WELCOME N APPRECIATE one of those jettys in micoud village. The reconstruction or renovation if you wanna call it dat of da gas n equipment storage area ,wud be greatly complimented with da construction of one ov those strong wooden jettys. We fishermen in micoud face da same problem wif da segasian sea weed as the praline n savannes bay fishermen. So please de authorities,stop playing politics,n lest in to our pleas. Our fishers still hv to wet der balls on early mornings,to get onto der boats,n dat doesn't orgur well for da health n day 2 day we'll being. We elected a district rep to lobby on our behalf, but she's more interested in being on television,wonder what she'd do if she was beautiful!!! In my terms,I consider her worthless. So hope de right people read my message,and something will be done for da hustling n struggling fishermen of micoud!CONCERNED MICOUD RESIDENT &FISHERMAN


  2. Can anyone say when the abattoir will be finally finished and opened. Seems to be a major challenge to government like St. Judes and the new national hospital.


  3. Who will the government invite in Praslin? Gayle or Compton? You all know, for you all, Roserie is a Nonentity.


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