“MizIk Mélé Mélange” plans for Creole Pageant 2014

“MizIk Mélé Mélange” plans for Creole Pageant 2014

MizIk Mélé Mélange, a project by ECentric Productions, is planning a Creole Pageant for September 27, 2014 at The Gaiety.

Auditions for this pageant will take place at the Auberge Seraphine on Saturday, May 17 at 9 a.m.

Sam Moncherie and Mary William are the two individuals behind the organisation of this initiative and they share a passion for organising events that would promote and develop pride in our creole heritage.

Moncherie resides in Canada but travels the Caribbean, working on cultural projects and William, his colleague, is stationed in Saint Lucia, preparing the ground for the grand event.

While the Creole Pageant is focused on Saint Lucia in the initial stages, the aim of MizIk Mélé Mélange is to give the event a regional focus by facilitating the participation of other French creole-speaking territories in the Caribbean.

Last year MizIk Mélé Mélange collaborated with Youth Fest of Vieux Fort for the inauguration of the Creole Pageant which coincided smoothly with the celebration of Creole Heritage Month. Although funding was a challenge for this launching, the vent proved to be of tremendous benefit for the participants who subsequently became even more successful as models, entertainer and marketers.

Yeshimabeit Alexander, who was sponsored by the Mon Repos Credit Union, currently tours with a modeling agency in the French island of Guadeloupe.

The 2014 Creole Pageant promises to be even more successful as major collaborators such as Alliance Francaise, ECCO, The Gaiety and the Folk Research Centre give an added boost to organisers, Moncherie and William.

Steve Etienne of ECCO (Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights) speaks with enthusiasm about the planned pageant and pledges his full support.

According to Etienne, the intended regional outreach of MizIk Mélé Mélange is well within the own purviews of ECCO. Further as an organisation concerned with the success of music and the arts generally in the Caribbean, ECCO supports initiatives that stress the uniqueness of the Caribbean and that also seeks to elevate the status of our creole language and culture.

The preparations of the 2014 Creole Pageant slated for September 27, 2014 are in full gear. Talented, young ladies between the ages of 18-25 who have the ability to speak Kwéyòl can contact Mary William at 4860-541 to secure their place at the audition.

Here is an opportunity to audition for an activity that will empower them to not only further themselves but to also become part of the machinery that moves to enhance the appreciation of the Caribbean’s rich and powerful creole heritage.


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