Mizik Mele Melange Creole Pageant officially launched

Mizik Mele Melange Creole Pageant officially launched

Coordinators of the Mizik Mele Melange Creole Pageant officially, now in its second year, launched Creole Heritage Month celebrations today, August 19 at Auberge Seraphine.

This was followed by a cheque presentation from the sponsors of the Mizik Mele Melange Creole Pageant 2014: Peter and Company, Brydens & Partners, Consolidated Foods Limited and St. Lucia Distillers.

Other sponsors are: Auberge Seraphine, Windward and Leeward Brewery, Gaiety/Travel Boutique, M&C, St. Lucia News Online, Bernard Fanis, Calabash TV; second-time sponsors Mr. Bruno from Alliance Françoise, LUCELEC, Hobie. FRC and ECCO./

Hillary La-Force, executive director of the Folk Research Center and the facilitator for Creole classes of the contestants, said: “We have been proving through our assistance, the regular teaching of the creole language and the terms used as a part of our contribution and sponsorship as a part of embracing our heritage. We are happy to know that young persons are coming forth in embracing our culture.”

Coordinator Mary William used the opportunity to urge more sponsors to come on board and lend their support to the pageant contestants. William said the pageant promises to be even more successful than its previous year.

Six young ladies between the ages of 18-25, who have the ability to speak Kwéyòl, will be participating in the pageant. The contestants were drawn from Ti Rocher, Castries; La Toc, Castries; Agard Lands, Monchy, Laborie and Mon Repos.

William said: “We will be judging them based on their talent and education. We are looking for them to bring out their creole, not only in the way they speak, but their dress too,” she added.

The pageant affords contestants the opportunity to become part of the Caribbean’s creole heritage.

The pageant, which is dubbed “It’s Ours Let Us Embrace It” or “Se Sannou Anou Anbwasy”, is taking creole to a higher level by the introduction of the ‘Madras Carpet Walk’ and incorporating a creole-wedding line fashion show, and a creole competition for everyone attending the event.

Patrons will be interviewed at the end of their ‘Madras Carpet Walk’ and will have the opportunity to win a best outfit competition with judging, facilitated by St Lucia News Online (SNO) with the wider world involved in the judging process.

The creole pageant will be held on September 27 at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay from 8 p.m.

Tickets will be available for purchase in advance from the last week in September at outlets to be announced.


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