MISSING: Senior citizen not seen for two weeks

MISSING: Senior citizen not seen for two weeks
Missing: Mc Phee
Missing: Mc Phee
Missing: Lucia Mc Phee

A 61-year-old woman has been reported missing.

She has been identified as Lucia Mc Phee, better known as Lyn, originally from Gros Islet but resided in Paix, Babonneau with her husband, Elwyn Joseph Lurice.

Mc Phee was reported missing on July 24, 2015.

She was last seen wearing a yellow cap, red hair tie, floral-coloured top, and carrying a hand bag.

Mc Phee is about 5 feet, dark in complexion and has dark hair.

An appeal is made to anyone with information surrounding her whereabouts. They’re are asked to report to the Babonneau Police Station at 456-4120 or 726-0205.


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  1. Where could she be ? What is the husband's account ? Did anyone see her about the time close to her disappearance ? Why this late report ? What is her medical condition ? Offer a reward if affordable.


  2. Truth be told. How is only now, 2 weeks later that reaching the airways? A missing person report should be filed after 3 days.

    Some of these family members does mistreat the elderly. Abuse them, both verbally and emotionally and sometimes physically.

    But I hope there was of that in this case. News reports did not say anything about her overall well-being. Was she sick, did she have mental illness. Or if relatives both here and abroad has been contacted.

    Anyway, I pray for her safe return. 2 weeks. Does she have children? Cause if I don't see my mother for 2 days la-g-git does take me.


  3. Ms. Lyn I'm praying for you hope you are OK! I have a weakness for the elderly and babies, don't like them to get hurt.


  4. she has been missing for two weeks and only now they talking about it? come on, why her family did not say something sooner (2nd - 3rd day). I pray that she found soon and safe.....


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