MISSING PERSON: Joseph Emmanuel

MISSING PERSON: Joseph Emmanuel

Name: Joseph Emmanuel
Age: 73yrs.
Date of birth: 25/02/41
Address: Paix Bouche, Babonneau
Next of kin: Elvira blondelle

Police are seeking the assistance of anyone who might have information on the whereabouts of Joseph Emmanuel of Paix Bouche, Babonneau. Emmanuel was last seen by a friend on Sunday 19 August 2014 about 12:00 pm at Paix Bouche. At the time, he was wearing a brown shirt and a black ¾ pants.

Basic description: He is about 6 feet tall, brown skin and medium built.

Anyone with any information should contact the Babonneau Police Station at 456-4120/4122, or their nearest police station.


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  1. I am disgusted by some of the comments posted on here, all life is precious, you cannot judge anyone on looks alone, for all you know he could have been a hero, saved someones life in the past, fought for his country, whatever.
    I pray you see fault in your ways and one day when you are old and have lost your looks you realise the foolishness of your comments and take heed, what goes around comes around. Getting back to the point of the article, lets hope this gentleman is found safe and well and is returned to his loved ones and in the meanwhile he is not scared and disorientated.


  2. One thing our people are really special. My God where is the love we suppose to show one another. Once you are pretty or good looking or lightskin in this country, then you are considered to be somebody.


  3. Some of you commenting here are so heartless it's not funny, but I excuse your ignorance, it's because of attitudes like these that you guys are stuck at the level that you are. An elderly person is missing and this is all you can think of saying??? I think some of you just cannot keep your uncivilized thoughts and comments to yourselves....but then again it's good, because the world is watching and they will know that there are clearly people who don't take life seriously....not even theirs.


  4. He may very well be suffering from slight dementia, they sometimes leave at nights and get very disoriented....I hope he is found alive, because this could be dangerous as they are unaware of where they are going and what the terrain is like.


    • He appear to have lived his life. Must have lived a good one, not necessarily rich. He have people looking out for him. Let wait and see how yours turnout to be. I wish you well.


    • if people ignore such comments I believe people will stop with the insensitive comments. No one likes to be ignored. Don't "like" or "dislike" these comments.

      These people are behind a computer, they intentionally try to anger you and are successful when you do comment or pay any attention to their comments.



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