Missing Martinique woman sighted in Saint Lucia: reports

Missing Martinique woman sighted in Saint Lucia: reports
Aude Jean-Alexis

(SNO) – A 22-year-old French woman who has been missing since November 15, 2017 was reportedly seen in Saint Lucia, according to Martinique 1ère.

The media house reported that Sam “Juke Bois” Flood received information via his Caribbean Hot FM radio show that Aude Jean-Alexis of Martinique was spotted in a community near Castries.

Listeners reportedly gave Flood this information on air, the media house further stated.

Reports that the young woman may be in Saint Lucia is nothing new, but this latest information – that she was actually seen – is by far the most promising, according to law enforcement officials in Martinique and Saint Lucia.

Martinique 1ère said this “track” is being taken “very seriously” by the Fort-de-France (Martinique) prosecution who have opened an investigation in this “worrying disappearance”.

“This is an element that will now have to be explored by the investigating magistrate who follows this case,” said prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul in the report.

There have been reports that Jean-Alexis had made a call to someone in Saint Lucia prior or during her disappearance and that she may have left Martinique for Saint Lucia with a Saint Lucian male.

Police in Saint Lucia have been assisting their Martinique counterparts with the case.

Jean-Alexis disappeared last November while she was heading to work, via public transportation, to the shopping center Galléria in Lamentin.

She was living with her mother in La-Haut in Rivière-Salée.

According to French media, her parents have not given up hope.


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  1. At least you can call your parents and make them know that you are ok.sacre Salop you don't care and the man you there with don't care either.


  2. HOLD “Juke Bois and question him where, when , time color of clothing. Arrest him if the report is false


    • you jackass or what, why should they arrest him when the news is saying he( recieved information) that the woman was spotted in a community near castries,that mean someone called him,
      he never say he saw the woman, read carefully before you flap your jaw


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