Miss Super J IGA adopts Holy Family Children’s Home

Miss Super J IGA adopts Holy Family Children’s Home
Miss Super J IGA Poses with Sister Anthonio of the Holy Family Children's Home.
Miss Super J IGA Poses with Sister Anthonio of the Holy Family Children’s Home.

PRESS RELEASE – For the eight contestants of the National Carnival Queen Pageant, this year’s competition took on a philanthropic twist. To foster community goodwill, each contestant was charged by the Carnival Planning and Management Association with becoming an advocate for a cause of interest to her and to work with her sponsor to identify a charity through which she could pursue this goal.

Armed with the support of her sponsor Super J IGA, Ayana Alexander announced her charity of choice at a short press conference on Wednesday, July 1st.

An excited Ayana had this to say ‘My life’s passion is to be of service to others and to help mould young minds; a passion I believe can be realized by working with the Holy Family Children’s Home. It is truly an honor to have been afforded this opportunity to give back to the community in significant way. I am grateful to my sponsor Super J IGA for their pledge of monetary and other support to help make this a reality.’

Administrator of the Home, Sister Anthonia, took the time to thank Ayana for her promise to support the work of the organization which caters to the holistic care of children who are abused, abandoned, neglected or orphaned.; ‘I would like to applaud the pageant committee for identifying the need for this new dimension of the National Carnival Queen Pageant. I would also like to a thank Ayana for all she will do and to express gratitude to Super J IGA for all they have done for the home in the past.’

Regarding the new initiative, officials of the CPMA explained “we expect the young ladies to work with their selected charity for one year and it is our hope that they will continue to work with their charity beyond this period as the bond develops. They will become the voice and advocate for their selected charity to raise awareness and development of the same, as part of a social responsibility programme.”

Super J IGA is no stranger to the Holy Family Children’s Home; the the share a relationship through the retail company’s ongoing support of their activities and operations.

The Home was the recipient of over $4,000 from Super J IGA’ customers, during the 2014 Super J IGA Christmas Promotion themed ‘Pass on the Christmas Spirit’. Winners of the promotion received prizes for themselves and cash for an identified charity. Most of the winners passed the prize on to the Home.


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  1. One area that could be focused on is the housing and assisting of the children of this children's home when they turn 18.

    I am told that some of these children, after living their whole life with the home are sent away when they turn 18, often back to the same unfit individuals (drug addict parents etc) who they were taken away from.

    Some of the children have been subject to rape and other abuse when they return to these environments.

    It is so sad and one of these things in society that needs our attention instead of all the petty squabbling we engage in.


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