Miss RSLPF and Allied Service Pageant takes place this evening

Miss RSLPF and Allied Service Pageant takes place this evening

The Miss RSLPF and Allied Services Pageant is scheduled to take place today, Friday, November 15, 2013 at the National Cultural Centre starting at 8 pm. A ticket costs $40.

Below are the profiles of the eight contestants scheduled to participate in the pageant.

Summarie Lee John – Ms Immigration

This 22-year-old beauty hails from the community of La Ressource, Vieux Fort. She attended the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School and furthered her studies at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where she pursued carpentry and joinery.

She is self-motivated, confident and very shy. Her hobbies are playing the clarinet, which she describes as her best friend, singing and participating in pageants, a passion she developed over the years.

Her first experience in pageantry was at the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary in 2007 where she placed second in the Mr. and Miss Campus B Pageant.  She decided to raise the bar and took part in the Vieux Fort Carnival Queen Pageant although the results were not too pleasing to her.

Because of all she has learned, she has decided to participate in the MS. RSLPF and Allied Services Pageant where she intends to capture the title.

Arcadia St. Croix – Ms Uniformed Task Force

This 19-year-old comes from the humble community of Boguis, Babonneau. She describes herself as ambitious, generous and thoughtful.

She sees herself as a vigorous and determined individual who always accomplishes any task set before her to the fullest of her abilities. She is a strong believer in God and always thanks him for giving her the strength to face her strongest fears as she believes that through him, all things are possible.

Her hobbies are horseback riding, shopping and spending time with her best friend and family. She is also an avid reader. Her role model is her mother, Amanda St. Croix. She has chosen to follow in her mother’s footsteps and became a police officer.

Sanjani Kema Prospere – Ms Administration/Police Accounts

Full of potential, talent and of course intelligence, this 23-year-old hails from the tranquil and mystic town of Soufriere.

She attended the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School where she came to realize that she was a natural at accounting hence pursuing a profession in accounting.

She also has a love for pageantry. In 2002, she participated in the Soufriere Carnival Queen Pageant where she was the second runner-up and walked away with best interview. She is also a Piton Promotional Model in 2012. Currently she is the “Face” of the St. Lucia Yellow Pages Campaign “Get Discovered.”

She is also the mother of two sons.

She has entered this pageant to build more confidence and self-esteem but mostly to show that married women and mothers are willing, able and fit to do pageants in Saint Lucia.

Jihan Felicien – Ms Southern Division

This 30-year-old corporal of police is proudly representing the Southern Division. Hardworking, loyal and intelligent are three qualities she uses to describe herself.

Hailing from the community of Laborie, this beauty is the mother to the world’s most handsome little boy. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, socializing and any other activity which involves physical exertion.

Amongst all her qualities she is fierce. She entered this pageant to win it.

Burtly Ferdinand – Ms Crime Management

This 28-year-old beauty comes from the community of Desruisseaux, Micoud. She attended the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School and pursued studies in management of business, economics and sociology at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Her aspiration is to become a social worker as she intends making a change in society for the better, starting with the many troubled individuals and families that she encounters during her tour of duty as a police officer.

She decided to take part in pageantry with the hope of it assisting her personal and professional growth and development.


Princess Edward – Ms IT/Telecoms

Meet 22-year-old Princess Edward, a past graduate of the Vide Boutielle Secondary School, hailing from the community of Goodlands, Castries.

She is charismatic, determined, cheerful and dynamic. She loves experiencing new things and socializing and also has a keen interest in aiding underprivileged kids. It is her dream to become a social worker so she can curb on the problems affecting society.

Her purpose for partaking in the pageant is to overcome her fear of fright.


Liselle Paul – Ms Traffic Department

From the small community of Ti Rocher, Micoud hails this well-mannered, ambitious, hardworking, optimistic and 22-year-old young lady.

She has never had an interest in participating in pageantry however she is always willing to gain experience which will aid her in her self development. She gives her all to whatever task she engages in and believes that part of being mature is not only about the physical state, but mentally and intellectually.

Her hobbies are reading, cooking, playing strategic games and watching football. She aspires to be a forensic psychologist and a part-time chef.

Dion Son – Ms SLASPA

This 27-year-old vibrant, ambitious and intelligent and dynamic young woman comes from the town of Vieux Fort.

A past graduate of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, this beauty loves spending time with family and friends. She enjoys reading, cosmetology, nail anatomy and law enforcement.

She views her mother as her role model as she is the prime support in her becoming a successful, strong, independent woman. She intends to pursue a degree in criminal justice or paralegal studies.


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  1. Young Talent, daring, courageous, dream seeker, dream chaser, determination, beaty & grace... Go dazzle Acadia...!!


  2. All the best Jihan, I never saw this side of you. Policeing, YES but not pagentry. I wish you all the best, for I know you to be successful in anything you set your mind too.


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