Miss Earth St Lucia committee launches ‘Support Francillia’

Miss Earth St Lucia committee launches ‘Support Francillia’

PRESS RELEASE – The local organizing committee for the Miss Earth pageant is calling on the general public to support St Lucia’s delegate in the Philippines.

Miss Austin who attained the title of Miss Earth St Lucia on August 29th has gone through a series of challenges; the latest being swimwear, since her arrival in Manila on November 7th.

Recently, she was bestowed with a Bronze medal for the best presentation in her team at an Environmental Seminar.

“My team and I want to see Francillia and by extension, St Lucia perform exceptional at this international beauty event however, her ability to do well depends on the level of support she receives from her country.” said Juelle Cadette, committee member responsible for Media, Public Relations and Marketing.

“We love that she is having this experience, but, Francillia is in Manila to win. We need St Lucians to use their voting power in order for that to happen.”

Currently, there are three social contests open; Yahoo® Beauty for a Cause, Eco-Beauty and Miss Photogenic, where fans have the ability to determine who makes it into the Top 16 and win the other challenges.

To help boost Francillia’s Yahoo profile shares, the committee launched ‘Support Francillia’ where the top sharer will be awarded a prize.

“At the moment St Lucia has only 281 shares, 1000 shares behind the Number 1 country, Sri Lanka.” said Cathy Sammy; National Director. “We’re grateful that Rainforest Adventures has thrown their support to this cause; sponsoring the prize. We think it’s appropriate given this year’s theme, Eco Tourism.”

The committee wants to point out as well; in addition to sharing her profile, the importance of including the hashtags and Yahoo handle with each share. “The metrics associated with the hashtag and handle are the only way to count the number of shares per delegate, this is how we will be determining who has won. Sharing Miss Earth St. Lucia’s profile without them has no weight.” said Miss Cadette.

Further information on ‘Support Francillia’ and the other social challenges, St Lucians are asked to visit the official facebook page of Miss Earth St Lucia.The crowning of a new Miss Earth takes place on November 29th.


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