Miss Earth St. Lucia begins environmental awareness campaign

Miss Earth St. Lucia begins environmental awareness campaign

St Lucia’s delegate for the Miss Earth Final, the third largest beauty pageant in the world held, has recognized the importance education plays in conserving the environment.

Miss Austin states, “The cycle of change must start with proper education. We cannot expect a cleaner, sustainable environment without first, being responsible. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, if we continue to cut down trees, expect an increase in landslides. If we continue to litter, expect more flooding. We do not want these things but we create it.”

Throughout the St Lucian leg of the pageant the beauty queen advocated for the importance of Biodiversity and why we must sustain it. Francillia hopes to carry on this message during the course of her reign by first, educating the youth.

National director for the Miss Earth St Lucia committee and former Miss Earth St Lucia, Cathy Sammy added that “whatever actions this generation executes, the upcoming generation has to deal with the dire consequences. Whatever resources we deplete or abuse, we have to understand that the quality of life we envisioned for our children will be non existant.”

The Awareness School Tour officially commenced on October 17th with the Entrepot Secondary School. Miss Austin hopes that through these interactions our youth will have a better understanding on the role they play in conserving and protecting our resources. She hopes that they can boldly take action and stop the abuse our environment has to endure.

Miss St Lucia Earth is expected to leave the island for the Philippines on November 7th 2014 for a month of activities leading up to coronation night on November 29th. The island was last represented by Oneka McKoy in 2008.




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