Ministry releases new items on VAT list

Ministry releases new items on VAT list

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs would like to inform importers of price control items that effective July 1, 2014, the following price control items would attract 15 percent Value Added Tax (VAT).

The items in question are as follows:

H.S. Number

Item Description


Split pea, dried, shelled, whether or not skinned or split


Blackeye peas, dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Chic peas (garbanzos), dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Other peas, dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Red kidney beans, dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Other kidney beans, dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Other beans, dried, shelled, whether or skinned or split


Coconut oil


Canned corned beef of bovine animals


Canned sardines


Biscuits, unsweetened
The Ministry wishes to advise that the maximum distributor’s price, the maximum wholesale price and the maximum retail price for these items which were imported prior to July 1, 2014 must be recalculated to include the VAT component and resubmitted to the Ministry for approval before exposing these items for sale. Please note that only stock on hand should be reflected on the Price Calculation Sheets.

The Ministry urges importers to comply with section 35 (2) of the Distribution and Price of Goods Act #35 of 2006 which states that a trader shall not sell any price control goods unless the director of Consumer Affairs has approved the selling price.


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  1. Taxation is never the answer to economic problems when you tax the poor what you expect to happen? For a country who produced the leading economist in the 20th Century we really run by a bunch of impotent assholes.


  2. Yll cry fowl now...Come next Elections u guys will ne voting for them still crying en rouge...lucians too wuick to forget uh...
    Melee, look it, take it, prends ee...


  3. I think I'll have to start sending money for my family overseas for them do some shopping for me and send a barrel down.This is getting ridiculous.They not looking out for the poor people they looking at how to put more money in their pockets.People already suffering and struggling to survive.That's pretty much a slap in the face to the people who already can't afford and sadly some people will still vote to put them back in power.Neither of these parties are helping the country sad to say.


  4. lol diabetes rate gone up meat already expensive so is beans poor people using as protein vat on sardines and corn beef how people how poor people going to eat ? Kenny so out of reality i can remember reading somewhere him saying that is rich people that eating lentils lol mate doesnt spend time in constituency at all to know that is boyon with peas no meat the people does eat


  5. Jeez.. peas and beans are already so expensive and a source of protein. Pretty soon we will be malnourished here. Fuck us in slu


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