Ministry of Sustainable Development launches 2013 Energy Awareness Week Photo Competition

Ministry of Sustainable Development launches 2013 Energy Awareness Week Photo Competition
Charlin Bodley
Charlibn Bodley

In an effort to raise awareness on the importance of “Sustainable Energy”,the Ministry of Sustainable Development,Energy Science and Technology has launched its 2013 Energy Awareness Week Photo Competition.

The competition seeks to find attractive and attention-grabbing images which speak to the theme, “A Sustainable Energy Future”.

Energy,Science and Technology Assistant in the Ministry of Sustainable Development Energy,Science and Technology Miss Charlin Bodley says the winning entries will be used to produce an Energy Awareness Calendar for 2014.

“Every year for Energy Awareness Week we try to develop innovative concepts to excite the interest of ordinary Saint Lucians and have them thinking Sustainable Energy and its many benefits,this year the Ministry of Sustainable Development is excited to present the photo competition and we encourage as many people to participate. As such we are looking for High-quality original photographs that embody the spirit of urgency to achieve a sustainable energy future and an awareness of energy conservation and efficiency. We are especially interested in photographs that capture some emotional quality associated with sustainable energy”.

The 2013 Energy Awareness Week Photo Competition is open to all Saint Lucian nationals and encourages participation from both amateur and professional photographers.

The Energy,Science and Technology Assistant says there are several rules for participants who are asked to submit their entries in electronic form to [email protected]

“All entries must be titled “Sustainable Energy Photo” and must include a short description of the photograph and the profile of the photographer including name, age, and all contact information. The photograph must capture energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy(Photographers may focus on one or all of these concepts ).We want participation from a broad cross section of the society so I would like to specially encourage schools,clubs,community groups and individuals to take part,so get behind those camera lenses and send us your photos today”.

For more information on the 2013 Energy Awareness Week Photo Competition interested individuals are asked to call the Energy Science and Technology Section, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science & Technology at telephone number 451-8746, facsimile no. 450-1904 or log on to the Government of Saint Lucia’s website .

The winning photographer will receive a cash prize of EC$1000.

There are attractive prizes for the other top place finishers.

The deadline for submissions is Friday November 8,2013 and the winners will be announced to coincide with Energy Awareness Week 2013 which runs from November 10 -16.


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