Ministry of Infrastructure clarifies changes made to Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act

Ministry of Infrastructure clarifies changes made to Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act
Silas Wilson, executive assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport.
Silas Wilson, executive assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport.
Silas Wilson, executive assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport.

STATEMENT – Over the last week, there has been much public discussion about changes to the regulatins regarding the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport wishes to bring clarity to this matter.

Firstly, the last amendment to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Cap 8.01 was done in 2006. Section 85 of this law gives a Traffic Officer the authority to request that a person driving a motor vehicle produces a driver’s license for examination. Failure to comply could result in a fine not exceeding $1,000.00 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three (3) months.

However, by publication of Statutory Instrument (SI) 46 of May 2015, violation of section 85 in the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act has been made a ticketable offense. The fine that this offense now attracts will not exceed $250.00 as oppossed to the previous $1,000.00. It is important to note that failing to wear a seatbelt or impropoer parking are also ticketable offenses.

These changes became necessary because the previous mechanism of 48 hours was being exploited and was proving to be unreliable as persons were being dishonest by not providing factual information about their identity. There have also been cases where persons who have been involved in accidents have left the island leaving the other parties at great loss and without the means to be compensated. The requirement for having identificatin on ones person is primarily for ensuring that a victim or driver can be traced either during acidents or even when held in connection with criminal activity.

The changes to the regulations should therefore be viewed by citizens as positive attempts by the Government to ensure safety on our roads for both drivers and pedestrians.

Silas Wilson,
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport


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  1. If that is the mail reason the whole nation don't have to pay for the actions of just a few it should remain as was ,the change that is needed to be made is when someone is involved in an motor vehicle ascendant that can be implemented.


  2. Why do we run from responsibilities ? A drive has the responsibility to himself and others as well as protecting others property. The law is for our protection. We seem to cherish lawlessness. Only in St. Lucia.


  3. That's like saying: "I have a mosquito problem at home. I got this insecticide from an old woman that's bound to kill all mosquitoes. Only problem is that everyone at home will develop rashes and will show signs of vomiting".

    When my children complain I suppose I should tell them that there are no more mosquitoes so KEEP QUIET.

    You have to be careful what methods you use to solve your problems. Some "solutions" just create bigger problems.

    You have to keep looking for workable solutions. That's the difference between getting paid $15,000 monthly as opposed to $1500 monthly.


  4. The officer should by now have computers or laptops, etc ( thats the govt ). The system is taking to long to get things going in this country. The officers themselves don't go after the friends some are dishonest. I had an accident went to the police station to give a report and had all my papers. The other guy who hit me never went to the station to bring in his paper , the officer knew him. The officer never prepared the papers to send to the Police headquarter or whatever process it suppose to take to go to court. I had to repair my vehicle on my own. The officers need to be straight and stop trying to intimate women on the road.


  5. i just hope that this law stick to all drivers, because the SLG drivers think they can park any where the want, and the police will not charge them, even the police themself that must set example is doing more non sence, i saw that the other side of super j water front, where a police charge a guy for parking just for 1 min to collect some fish, and just after that happened, a police van park the same place for how long to buy food by JJ'S and the dirty police move from there instead of telling them its not right


  6. All about revenue generation. Raise in license fees, now not carrying your license with you is a ticketable offense. Of course, we need to raise more revenue to pay the salary of the "Executive assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport " What exactly is your role again, cause all this guy does is put out error-laden, weak press conferences. With this law, I can still give a fake name, get my $250.00 ticket and still leave the state. So based on your logic Silas this law would still not be serving its intended purpose.


  7. This is a form of extortion, how can you fine me before giving me an opportunity to show that these documents exist. There is nothing "reasonable and or relevant" in this amendment. There needs to be a judicial review.

    Worst yet you telling me this was reviewed in 2006 and the only thing changed in 2015 is the amount of money i have to pay immediately or else...Extortion, Extortion. You guys need to think "out of the box" to get this country out of this financial bind.. stop trying to milk your own ppl. By law it requires 24 hours to report a missing child however in this day and age if i cannot show you(Police officer) i have a drivers licence immediately i can be fined or imprisoned and your excuse is FOR CRIME PURPOSES....Choops who you think you fooling..

    Mr Executive assistance before you go out there making this nonsensical statements please get someone to vet what youre saying because if i was your boss i would fire your ass (oh my bad, you speaking on behalf of your boss... what! he afraid he going to loose some votes ).


  8. If Silas Wilson wanted to be a Government employee, he could have applied to the PSC. This guy has followed in his father's footsteps and failed at politics. What do we do as a result of this failure? WE simply shove him in a Ministry impose him as burden on the taxpayer, who, 75% of their earnings goes back to pay the country's debt. The same debt taken to pay people like Silas. Would the PSC have employed him?????


  9. Wait!! Who is this guy? What is his job? Does the Minister need an executive assistant? And this is the same guy that Sir John referred to as "Bram Bram." These politicians never cease to amaze me, in these hard times we find that the MInister needs an executive assistant. WOW. Do all ministers require such assistance. Isn't that Ministry packed with technocrats. Besides wasn't it this PM who found that the public service was too large? Wonder whats his salary since they have also said that in order to pay salaries that we have to take loans.

    All what Silas has said can be debunked. None of his explanations for the law are reasonable, after all if it need to combat crime why wasn't it written to produce your ID since many who commit crimes are not even drivers. Many such laws have been judicially reviewed and taken off the books especially when it is cear that there may be an ulteria motive for the law. Go read some law Silas.


  10. As in a previous comment I agree this is ridiculous. St Lucia is going backwards if we can supply all children with laptops why can't we supply 100 officers with tablets. This is clearly a way of raising REVENUE, so Mr Wilson should say that and be real about the situation. YES it is a good way to raise revenue but don't try and hide the truth..
    Also if u want to mention dishonesty $1000 or 3 months imprisonment should not be mentioned as penalties never fit the crime. .$1000 or 3 months for not having your license /vaid i.d and a man gets run down with a motor vehicle in Dennery and the driver of the motor vehicle is still driving. REALLY
    I could go on but I really don't want to embarrass my fellow countrymen. .
    But better you say your raising revenue to make the Bex on highway a safer road to drive on..


  11. Who ever thought of this is brain dead. The following will outline why. 1. Taxpayers have already paid for a digital system that the police can access on the fly to find out who has paid or not 2. This will help clog the courts even more 3. Majority of police will abuse their authority 4. This clearly shows the government are bullies 5. The claim that people do not show up after the 48 hours and they have to spend man hours looking for them, the same applies when the same people do not show up for court thereby wasting valuable time and money 6. The ease of which this law was put in place, should with the same ease remove it. 7. The same ease to put in this law should tackle the laws of drunken driving, black tint, double parking and non standard number plates (stupid black Perspex with white lettering) Case study: The reason no drunk drive laws are not in place is because most of the police and their friends and politicians are alcoholics. The 2 main uses of tint are , so as you cannot see which woman you have in your car and two, for devious criminal activities. Tint has no role on our roads neither alcohol or other form of drug use whilst driving. Lucians it is time for action to get rid of this STUPID LAW and get rid of this government.


    • I love your comments they are 100% on point the only thing I would add. Revenue is always easy to take from motorists. . And now being a traffic officer you now have a opportunity to stop people on the road and collect money for yourselves in these hard guava times. YES I said it... a choice between $1000 later or $300 in a officers hand.. what do u think...being a traffic officer is looking really good..


  12. This is ridiculous and more of a cover up press release than any clarity sought to be given. What happened to the system sponsored by Lime, which allowed traffic officers to tell if a vehicle is insured, who the vehicle is registered to and if the person driving is a licensed card holder? So for Mr Silas Wilson to say "These changes became necessary because the previous mechanism of 48 hours was being exploited and was proving to be unreliable as persons were being dishonest by not providing factual information about their identity" doesnt make sense. Isnt this one of the reasons such a system was developed/put in place? Why not refine and upgrade the current system? Give the traffic officers the technology they need to do their work efficiently, not ridiculous draconian laws to enforce.....smdh
    Utterly disappointed


    • It will not make sense to you maybe because you are a dishonest person. They ask you to produce it within 48 hrs and you don't. then the police have to waste paper prepare documents to get you, sometimes even a warrant, go to the court and find a magistrate to sign this warrant Time is money. so ticket them because they give you the photo license for a reason.
      I have a license and I keep it together with my insurance document in the glove compartment. I have a national ID so i have no reason to take out my drivers license from the glove compartment. we are sometimes too irresponsible. We have to learn the hard way. we are


      • stop thinking foolish.. have u ever been in a garage and had to jump into another vehicle to the part store to get parts? your vehicle is then left at the garage with all ur documents in ur glove compartment... then boom traffic check and u can't present it


  13. I don't ascribe to calling people names but this is real political prostitution. I could remember the criminal 2004 we were told had to be read disjunctively or conjunctively. you are saying to St. Lucians that the police has a right to demand their driver's license and insurance at anytime or face a fine without giving the individual an opportunity to prove that these documents exist. What natural justice is that. Hope I am the first ticketed so I can challenge your dictator style of Governance. The government is broke and lacking ideas so now they want to tax us out of pocket. Since you'll are bankrupt of ideas I will suggest how this copy cat law should work in order to encourage individuals to report to the police station. Instead of an immediate fine the individual should be given a ticket which can be presented at any police station within 48 hrs in order for the ticket to be reversed. It is an abuse of the process and it can only be done unreasonable suspicion. T Why would you want to put so much power in the hands of the police when they have already shown a tendency to abuse power. You are now telling me that any police office can stop me any time. any where, every second of the day because the law says that it is mandatory to have a government issued document with me at all time. Why am I paying you for vehicle registration? Its a form of taxation and not a law. There is not balance and justice in the amendment. Yes we need to protest that Tax because government can use this situation to entrap people and have them commit an offence when the fail to produce the documents. We don't have any reliable service at Infrastructure. The camera is always down. Did you amend the law to suspend it when you are unable to deliver licences on time?


  14. Mr. WILSON, How come when I park on a double yellow line I get a ticket and when an MP number plate parks on a double yellow line he/she duznt get ticketed????


  15. Surely that when someone is stopped for an offence the officer should contact by phone or VHF the central office to get computerized license details along with ownership and insurance documents of the vehicle.( 24 hour service ) If no documents are available then it should be instant arrest so that innocent parties do not suffer by the guilty parties absconding. So simple. A bond to get out of jail for the full amount of damages done to another vehicle until documents ( insurance ) presented . St Lucian laws are so lenient on offenders.


  16. come on Silas, having a valid ID does not prevent an individual from leaving the country after an accident.


  17. What happened to the donation of tablets/devices made by a telecommunications company to the traffic dept. which enabled them to get real time data about licenses and insurance.? wouldn't that make the companies donation useless.?


  18. So even if I ehh have my license and yall charge me that still won't prevent me from leaving the island


  19. that still doesn't address the problem which is police officers need to get their lazy asses up and do more investigations. every registered vehicle or licence plate has a name, address etc to it don't tell me y'all can't match a person to a vehicle. If its not the owner driving at the time and the driver gives the wrong name then find the owner and he will be responsible then he will learn not to give non licence holders vehicles to drive


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