Ministry of Health pushes for ban on sodas and excess sugary treats in schools

Ministry of Health pushes for ban on sodas and excess sugary treats in schools

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Ministry of Health is placing special prominence on nurturing healthy lifestyles in students across the island.

A ban on sodas and sugary treats is the main thrust of the message of the Nutrition Unit to schools around the island.

The Nutrition Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness is employing new strategies all in an effort to sensitize the entire school population on the dangers of excessive consumption of sugars and sodas.

On Thursday March 28th, the Nutrition Unit visited the Vide Bouteille Secondary School, as their first target.

Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health Fadia Campbell explains: “So today we are here and we have a number of activities; we have a skit to highlight the dangers of excess consumption of soft drinks and we also have some displays that will tell the students the number of teaspoons of sugar. So we really want our student population to adopt healthier lifestyles by eating more fruits and vegetables and their peas, beans, legumes and also to drink lots of water and also be very active. We are here and we are excited as the nutrition unit and we have our very staff to put on that skit.”

Campbell underscored the importance of engaging in healthy lifestyle practices.

“There is a great association between excessive sweetened beverage consumption and diabetes, obesity, heart disease and you are talking about the chronic non-communicable diseases also there is research to show there is the association with asthma, bone disease. So it’s a number of health related diseases that are associated with soft drink consumption and not just soft drink but excess sugar consumption.”

Members of the nutrition team believes that the information provided was well ingested by students based on the feedback they received. The unit will continue their campaign journey in the near future.


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  1. great idea but school canteens are the worst culprits they never have any healthy food available!!


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