Ministry of Culture and Local Government examines art in public spaces

Ministry of Culture and Local Government examines art in public spaces

(PRESS RELEASE) – To achieve the mandate of Identity Preservation, the Ministry of Culture in Collaboration with Local Government Authority, held a discussion to examine the proposal of art in public spaces around the island.

Minister for Culture, Sen. Hon. Fortuna Belrose applauded the initiative: “What we sort to do was to engage the various chairpersons and Mayors of Different constituencies to examine Art in Public Spaces and how it can enhance our Communities and how our Communities can benefit from it. We had and Artist Working with our team to help explain the proposal and examine how Saint Lucia can benefit from it.”

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry was grateful for the outcome of the meeting which allowed members of the Local Government Authority to voice their opinion on the proposed proposal: “Today’s meeting is one that allows persons in the various town and village councils to acquaint themselves with the proposal of Sculpture Parks to be Implemented across the island and for the understand their role in this particular initiative.”

The Meeting was held at the conference room of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government.


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  1. Love the idea really and i forward Sharon Terrell on her point of numbering houses. this would be a way of aspiring everyone of the type of art their imagination could draw out to. These sculptures would amaze and amuse all over the island. Another inclusive idea would be to add art sculptures of all those way back then old games using our same local artists and heros alike in a game of tiki toc, marbles, high jump, kite flying etc cause we all know what song artists can do so why not spin it up a notch and make it even more interesting, not forgetting art fountain sculptures to. This is definitely exciting and hope it comes to play so i can see it life is so short these days.


  2. Wonderful art sculptures of all our heros, entertainers athletes included we can also do some clean art graffiti on our city walls and side walks great idea it will also brighten the island and educate our kids to be more curious .Wow i love it.Great minds create Great ideas and whiles we at it look into street signs and names and we need to start putting numbers on our houses, the days of telling people about the green house by the big tamarind tree is long gone over,its modern time now we need to get it together.Thank you Honorable senator Fortuna Belrose.We cannot lose on art.


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