National Performance Program Jèté to commence on the weekend

National Performance Program Jèté to commence on the weekend

Jèté – a dance term meaning to leap, in which one moves from one point to another.

The aim of this project is to move dance and dancers from its current state into a more visible, respected, appreciated and perhaps most importantly, quantified form. Therefore Jèté’ seeks to take the dance community a quantum leap forward.

Over 5 months commencing from this Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the Castries Comprehensive School and culminating in February 2014. Dancers are expected to be at the Castries Comprehensive for 11 am.

Registration forms are available at schools, community centres, Blazin FM Office, Steve Barbershop, Snapper Barbershop, The Cell Outlets, All LIME Outlets and on the day of registration. The National Performance program goals include employment creation, data collection, cultural mapping and establishment of benchmarks.

The program is sponsored by Lime, Blazin 99.3, The Wave, DBS,Kotex, Blue Waters, Xtra Malt and

The prize allocation will be as follows:

1st place -$5, 000, guaranteed booking for performance in the 2014 St Lucia Jazz and Arts
festival. Additional prizes from sponsors and partners,
2nd place -$4, 000; additional prizes from sponsors,
3rd place -$3, 000,
4th place – $2, 000,
5th place – $1, 000

At the quarter final and semi-final rounds, all groups will be awarded a $1, 000 appearance fee in keeping with the employment generation tenant of the National Performance Program.

For Interviews and more information please call Olivia at 584-1812 or Tiffany at 489-6955.


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